Thursday, September 27, 2012

Picnic at the park

The kids are working so hard in school.  Then they come home and help me out.  I appreciate them so much.    On Fridays I don't have school.  I look forward to them coming home even more on Fridays than any other day.  I know the  weekend is about to start and they get to stay with me.  So Fridays we have started doing something a bit special.  We go out grab dinner and head to the park.  The kids love it!


No waiting around for coals to warm up, no stupid steak that no one likes, but delicious dinner we can just eat and then spend more time playing.

The kids eat a little and run off to play.


They keep coming back to grab another bite then off they go again.



Up and down the slide they go.  She won't go down unless me or a brother is there to catch her.  We always will we LOVE her!!


Our crazy girl...


So darling, so crazy and so cute.


My big ones climb, play games and imagine.  They love to go out to the park.  This Friday we are planning another super special one with lots of playgrounds and beautiful views.

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michelle said...

Playground picnics are the best. So simple yet so special.

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