Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The past couple days

We have been a little busy, HA very busy.  This are in full swing around here.  Kids are growing, Jay is working, I am studying, normal things but times them by 7 and there is never enough time in the day.  We even made it to church this weekend!  We made it one other time a month ago to family night, so much fun they have lots of food, great ice cream, bouncy houses, barrel rides, hay rides, balloons, I wish every time we went to church was like that.  But we had never made it to a Sunday service since baby was born.  We all have been missing our church family, even though they (the church) understand.  So we tried it.  AGH!!! It went about that well.  We will keep on trying, it only gets easier.  Right ??!

And again fall festivals are everywhere around here.  We sadly missed one of our favorite ones this past weekend, the Franklin County Fall Farm Fun Fest.  And joyfully missed the Hispanic heritage one.  Not joyfully because we don't like them or would not have wanted to go but joyfully because soccer season is going on again and last year they fell on the same day, same place and it was CROWDED CRAZY!  This year we had soccer on Saturday and that festival was on Sunday and I did not know about it till it was over, and we missed it.  We missed the Franklin County Fall Farm Fun Fest because of soccer and I have been ever so busy planning a wedding.  Not mine, sorry to all my family, but for a friend.  She is renewing her vowels next September and we have been busy pinning everything!

But for the fun pictures of my crazy kids....Faithy takes it this week she is a hoot!

This morning she decided to have hot dog and cereal.




No I did not give it to her that way this is her creation.  I better patent it before General Mills does.

She also managed the double binky.


Of course she stole the second one from her sister.  Who loves her Mommy, I know because it says so on her shirt. :)



I also got new shoes!  Well sorta new.  I bought them new when I was pregnant but my feet were so swollen they would not fit.  This week is a bit cooler and my school is always cold so I dug them out of the closet to give them a try and now they fit!!  Yay!


They have been comfortable and fun to wear.


They do take a little work to get on and driving well it IS like driving barefoot.


So far I like them!!

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michelle said...

The double paci pic is awesome, and she looks SO proud of her breakfast creation! Did she actually eat it?!
And, yes, I'm sure God and your church totally understand. :)
Cool shoes! I always thought those looked so comfy.

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