Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Old McDonald's Farm

Over the weekend we headed south to West Virginia to go to Old McDonald's farm.  It was there opening fall weekend and the pumpkins were plentiful.  The kids loved it, everyone had a great time.  The weather was nice and warm this weekend.  We kept watching for rain but luckily it blew by.


The had all sorts of activities there.  More barrel racing.



These were much larger and more pipes than barrels.   I was surprised how easily the rolled around.

They had a petting zoo too.  Faithy was not sure of what to think of the animals at first the were so much bigger than her cat.


But they were soft and eventually she was all cuddles and kisses with them.


They got to milk a cow,


Well sorta.

But the had two favorite activities that stood out.  One was playing in the corn.


They burred each other, jumped and threw it.  They were so filthy!  There clothes were covered in a smelly dust.  it made my car stink the whole way home too.

Even Grace got to play in the corn.  She did not care for it. She just wanted to be held, and she was the whole time.

The other favorite was the slides.  They spent the majority of the time on them.  They rode on feed sacks and on each other.  Poor Evan still has carpet burns from it.


Faith would ride down with Mema and then do a little dance at the end.  It was so cute, she love slides.


The adventurous boys and I made our way through the huge corm maze.  We made a few wrong turns but got out without to much trouble.



Evan found this purple corn stock he just loved which now sits in our kitchen.  It is our only Halloween decoration so far probably all we will get too.  One day there will be time to decorate but for now lets just pretend the cobwebs are there on purpose and the dust is for a spooky effect.


Me and my little girls they are so tiny.  I love having them.


Even if our smallest can't always keep up.


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michelle said...

You guys always do the best stuff! So much fun.

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