Friday, October 26, 2012

Preparing for Frankenstorm

So there is a little storm headed our way.  The weather channel calls it Hurricane Sandy but the Locals call it Frankenstorm.


Yes that 2 AM white S dot is right over my place.

It is all the inescapable buzz around here.  Twitter, the news, facebook all are reporting continually.  Do I believe it?


Again the big L, yup thats me.

No not at first I did not.  It is not the first time we have got a hurricane or the first time we have had a lot of rain.  It is just people make so much to do about nothing out here.  But I kept hearing about and finally looked it up.  And I saw all these pictures I have posted (from the weather channel)


Okay this one I added me to.  Hanging out there in middle of it.

But the overwhelming  facts is it looks like we are in for a couple of rainy days.  Ugf...

At least we got our trick or treating done yesterday.  And I am not one of those crazy people who clear out the stores shelf's   But today I did buy an extra pack of diaper and made sure the baby has food and water.  We are not going to sit around waiting for it to come we have too much fun stuff planned.  But we will see how it all plays out.

1 comment:

michelle said...

Frankenstorm is a MUCH better name than Sandy. Sandy is a wussy storm name, and this definitely has NOT been a wussy storm. :(

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