Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

Trust me when I tell you the kids are excited   They keep running around yelling it is Christmas Eve Eve!!  I hope I can get some sleep to keep up with them over these next couple days.  Well the rest of the year too I guess as they will be home till 2013.  I love it but it can be a lot.

As far as Christmas Eve Eve goes we are getting ready for the big day.  I am running around town grocery shopping picking up the last few items.  Yum we do have another delicious meal ahead!  I took two helpers with me and some how have 2 karts more than what was on my short list.

But minus 3 things we are ready.  I will make do.  Well except for the cat food I forgot I will have to go out tomorrow and get that or she will have to dive in to the emergency dog food.  I wanted to make sure I would be able to stay home Monday and Tuesday and just enjoys the days with the kids.

Tomorrow is also Jim last day with us this year and then Santa will come pick him up and he will stay at the north pole till next year.


It has been fun.  Here he is hanging out with an angel my mom made when I was kid.

Even Wyatt is ready.


And for me I got an early Christmas present the other day.  My fall grades cam in.  And that Spanish test I struggled with, ugh it was so very very hard.  I must have done okay.  because I got an A!!!  Yes a 4.0 A!


That brings my fall GPA to a 3.85  and cumulative to 3.54 !!!  I have been working so hard though.  I will continue to enjoy my break for a few more day because I start back up at the beginning of January with much heavier and harder classes.

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michelle said...

Congratulations!!!!! So freakin' proud of you, and so ridiculously impressed!!!!!!

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