Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take 2, another try at a dinner with Santa

When 1 dinner with Santa goes terribly wrong isn't it logical to try another?  Oh yes that was my unrational thought of the weekend.  It will be fun I told myself.  Will it be different I wondered?  This time Santa was going to pizza hut and I asked my parents if they wanted to come too.  Friday - Santa at the club = bad, no Santa at a different pizza place = good, Sunday - Santa at pizza hut = ???

We got there early right at 4 when Santa was supposed to be coming   Showing up with a party of 8 or 9 wherever we go is daunting to restaurants and hard to seat.  So we got there early in hopes to be able to be seated right away.  We were,  it was fine.  They sat us in a little corner there was plenty of room for us and a few more.  Even better Santa was not there yet.  We sat down and started eating and Faithy never saw the guy.

She was able to eat we all were able to eat.  No crying fits or melt downs.  Yes.

Through dinner my mom and I kept sneaking kids to see Santa.  He was a wonderful Santa, real hair too!  He was so nice to all the kids.  He talked and listened to the big boys.


To bad he won't be bringing them what they asked for.  I can't believe the prices of their request.  They are not unreal but when I have two of them asking for ipads, Wii U, new ipods, computers, games, remote control cars (those I have got them every year and every year they last less then a month.)  Sheez I don't want to think about when I have 5 only asking for and expecting high ticket items.  But you never know, hopefully I will be able to spoil them .  I will take each day as it comes and be thankful.

He was enamored with Grace.


But aren't we all?



He sweet sweet self and infectious smile.  They way she jumps with excitment.  We all love her more than words could every describe.



She is amazing!

So it fit Santa would fall in love with her too.



I am so glad this year she is not scared.

Smiley snuck around him at first.  He was being shy, being mischievous, being a joker.  But in no time he wanted to join his sister.


So much better than Friday.  The kids were full, they got to see Santa, they were happy.  But faith kept yelling stuck and hitting the strap on the high chair.  She wanted out.  She wanted to find out why her brothers kept running away.  I told her she did want to know but she had to find out for herself.  I took her out of the chair and walked over towards him.  And again as soon as she saw Santa she broke out in to tears and screamed.  There was no way she was getting close.

I kept a hold of the princess and that still was not good enough.  She is scared of Santa, in real life.


On packages and tv she is okay. Like Smiley last year she calls him HOHOHO.  He no longer does now its Santa, awe he is getting big.

Even though we still had tears it was a better night.  But it is the last time.  I don't want to keep torturing my daughter.  Not to mention it is almost Christmas! 7 days, I can't believe it.


michelle said...

So glad this Santa visit went better for you! Yeah, I thought about trying again with Miles but figured I should just spare the boy. :) And, yeah, Christmas got way more expensive with just two kids, and poor Miles isn't even getting much, so I can't even begin to imagine how much it'd cost for five. Ouch.
And real-beard Santas make me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

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