Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Steps

Again back tracking to before the kids were out of school but I do not want to lose these moments.

June 4th I took the tiny team to the boys school for a picnic.  The babies love to go their and have lunch with their brothers.  Their school thankfully has  times constantly we can go and join them for lunch.  But this lunch was special.  It was after the moving up ceremony.  In Montessori you stay with your class and teachers for 3 years at a time.  This year Gregory was moving up from lower el to upper el.  But something I did not know is one of his main teachers is moving up with him.  Yes a teachers he has grown with and learned so much with for the last three year will now be one of his teachers for the next 3 years!!!  I love it!  She knows him, his learning styles, his quarks, God is so good and has provided him such a great person to continually help him grow.

I did not get to many or really any pictures of the boys.  I spent most my time chasing the girls.

 photo IMG_1423_zpsdb5501cc.jpg

As well as a friend of mine, his daughter was also more interested in playing than watching her brothers.  They are all great friends and his 3 fall in the missing ages of mine.  They love to play.

But I did get one of them and Evan's ostrich.

 photo IMG_1439_zpsab303c66.jpg

He worked hard on the ostrich report.

I laughed at this one.

 photo IMG_1456_zpsa7ca085c.jpg

This was the boys motorcycle.  From when they were the same age as baby cakes.  We gave it to the school years ago and lo and behold here is Gracie riding it 10 years later!  maybe it is not the same one, but it looks just like it.

It was such a nice day the weather was perfect, not hot, not cool, not windy like it often is at these picnics just wonderful.  And babycakes wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and soft grass to take a few first steps!

Yes she is the youngest one I have had start to walk.  She was 10 months then.

 photo IMG_1429_zps168377ad.jpg

 photo IMG_1430_zpscbefe14f.jpg

She had no need to be nervous because she had the tiny team ready to catch her if she would fall.

 photo IMG_1432_zps87438653.jpg

 photo IMG_1426_zps453fe8bc.jpg

Pretty Faith

 photo IMG_1436_zps9f7c5ea5.jpg

And her pretty butterfly dress.  She is in a butterfly stage now she love them.  I wonder if we could be moving on from Dora?  I don't think so.  She knows the Spanish word for butterfly, mariposa, thanks to Dora and me.

Oh sweet Gracie, she got the hang of it but since then has not really "walked" much.  Steps here and there.

 photo IMG_1446_zps407400ca.jpg

All my kids started walking at a year or just after.  Ironically all at Massanutten and we will be going there again in 19 days for her 1st birthday.  It's hard to believe she is almost 1.  It however will be harder to keep up with her once she is off and running.


Angie said...

What a great family celebration! I've heard so much good about the Montessori Schools!

Da said...

These photos are so adorable and precious! You have a great family and incredible kids. I want a big family too but living in Moco, it's not easy but I love watching your family grow! Keep up the great postings!

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