Wednesday, January 5, 2011

28 weeks

On Monday one of the many stops I made was to the now biweekly ob appointment. I am now 28 weeks.


I feel really good. I have my energy back. I no longer have the appetite of a growing teenager. I have not been in much pain a little uncomfortable here and there. The only negative thing I can think of are the mood swings and tear showers for small stuff.


Last week during my 27th week I actually went to the doctors twice for tests. One was your standard glucose test for gestational diabetes, Rh antibodies, and anemia. The other was another big sonogram to check the position of my placenta. I was excited for that one. Plus Jay was going to make it to this ultrasound the first one he has been to this pregnancy and this is my 6th. This was going to be the first time he got to see baby in my womb kicking and living.

It was amazing. I love seeing my babies before they are born it gives me such a sense of reassurance that they are okay. The tech check to easy my still disbelieving mind and yes she still is a girl!


There she was waving hello to us. Hi baby girl I love you all ready.


It seemed like she was all smiles. Laughing away. I hope she will continue this spirited personality.

What was so wonderful was we were able to get some 4d shots this time. A different tech and I tried before but she was to far back in the womb. This time it was not a perfect position but it was close enough up to get a shot.


I still have a very hard time seeing these pictures.


Love it. I love ultrasounds. If I had one of these at my house we would be visiting her many times a day.

Then Monday at the 28 week appointment I got all good news. All the test came back clear baby was doing great. She is an active one with a heartbeat in the 160's but that is still good. I do have anemia but I have had this since I was a child so it is nothing new, no shocker. The biggest news and another answered prayer is the placenta has moved. I am going to be able to have this baby naturally. We are out of any harms way in this area.

Thank God for answered prayers, a healthy baby and mom and a sustainable pregnancy.


nomo wino daph said...

Oh Mercy!!! This just brought me to tears!!!!

I am so glad that everything is going well.....I LOVE the picture!!!!!!

Congrats Cutie Pie!


Kari said...

I love can already tell she'll have quite the personality! XOXO

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