Monday, January 24, 2011

To kindle or not?

With a bunch of gift receiving occasions coming up I get asked what would you like for... I have never thought about getting a kindle I just did not think they were worth it for me. I thought 1. I would much rather have an ipad and 2. I don't read that much.

But there I was on amazon ordering two more books this weekend. It made me stop and think. I don't read that much? Couldn't be further form the truth. I spend time morning and night reading real books. I wake up before anyone in my house just so I can read The Bible in silence every morning. I stop what I am doing at 8:30 in the evening to read to or with the boys a book or two of their choosing before they go to bed. Throughout the day I read blogs and news wires. Plus when I am stuck waiting for some sort of appointment I read whatever I can find. I actually read a great deal.

As I was ordering these two books they had a price graph next to it for new and used, hardback or soft cover, and kindle. It made me think . Humm if I had a kindle would I get good use out of it? The new kindle was on sale for $140. But where I was surprised is the books I were ordering if bought for kindle were each more than I was paying for new hardbacks. So all together that was a lot more than the $20 purchase I was making including shipping.


But I hate clutter and book laying around take up so much space and create clutter. I am big into reading it and giving it away if it is in good shape. I will not buy my children many books. They are just to hard on them. I love that they bring them home from the library and then take them back. That's another thing I was wondering. Does kindle have childrens books and how much are they? Because that would be nice. It would help me keep my 7 year old occupied when we are running around.

In the end I am thinking of 1 big positive, no books laying around the house less clutter. And 1 big negative the cost is a good deal more that books. Do any of you have a kindle and what do you think?


Mama Keene said...

For Christmas we bought my sister in law a kindle and she loves it! The kindle also comes pre-loaded with a couple hundred books, and there are many children books you can buy off of amazon for it, thats the link to the kindle store, and they excatly have a lot of free books too, and they change the free ones up often. My sister in law has children books on hers too, and my three year old even likes to read/ have books read to her from it! I second you on the clutter, I love to read, and have been thinking about getting one for myself too!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

I don't have a kindle hubby was wanting to get me one but I love the feel of turning real pages. Now if I could get an Ipad I might change my mind (yea right in your dreams shannon).

I borrow from the library for my main books then review books I give away to the nursing home. I have tons and tons of childrens books but I'm eventually going back to teaching prek and my girls play school with them and read them. plus I can hand those down to the grandbabies so those I don't mind.

I guess in the end I'm saying I wouldn't get a kindle, nook or ereader like that but a Ipad has more features so I'd be all for that. and I'd still buy real kids books!

The Simple Blessings said...

After much research my little sister just purchased the Nook Color from B&N, she (& I loveee it!). They are wayyy better than an IPAD or Kindle. The great thing about the nook is that you can download FREE books from any source! The nook is on my purchase list for this year! Happy deciding :)

Natalie of said...

ooo good pros and cons. seeing the commercials makes me think about getting one! fro some reason the one with everyone using it in different surroundings just draws me in it's a great commercial. ok.. there's my random comment for the day. haha.

nomo wino daph said...

I have wanted one...on;y b/c I thought I'd read more if I had a cool gadget, LOL! TIL 3 days ago when my hubby got an iPad! THAT is what I'd get:) You can read and then, everything else!! I downlaoded the kindle to my iPhone but can't read it well cause my eyes are like they use to be:)

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