Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafty Mama

I can't believe it but I won a blog land contest. Yes I did and it is awesome. Right before the New years Living My Life On Purpose was having a HUGE giveaway. She was celebrating like Oprah. There were many fabulous gifts one of which I was the lucky winner. It was a book called Crafty Mama.


My husband laughed because knows I am not a crafter. To him it seems I can craft about as well as I garden. But he is wrong. I just don't craft that often. I hate the mess crafts bring. But I have made clothes, Christmas sacks, costumes, scrapbook page, ect. I am not one for the "crafty" home and he knows that. All the darling treasures made by my kids end up in the same place. Sorry kids I love them and I love you but if I were to keep them everywhere it would be clutter.

Saying that my children were very excited to receive this book. Evan grabbed his latest craft a wooden ship and wanted to be in a picture showing it off.


They each looked through it and found stuff they wanted to make. I looked through it and the projects are so easy. We will make some and gift them to grandma. Maybe we will make some at bible school.

I am so thankful for the book as well as the brothers. We will have a great family time. Thank you Shannon for the book. And head over to her blog to wish her a happy birthday and check out her fun life with two little girls.


Because as soon as Smiley saw we were taking pictures he had to be in it too.

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Shannon said...

So glad you (and your kiddos) liked the book!!

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