Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365 week 3

Three weeks in to January and burr. It has been a cold week with many non substantial snow falls. You would think that would mean we are inside all cozy and warm but nope we are still on the go an active life with active boys.

January 15
We got running water again. Happy they fixed it so quickly. And then came a ton of laundry and dishes to catch up on.


January 16
In bible school this morning when the kids were asking for prayers Gregory raised his hand and said I have a praise. Basketball was not canceled this week! He loves it. He has been asking everyday if I can take him to go practice. He thinks he perfected his jump shot. Hopefully he grows into his dads and my brothers towering height.


January 17
He asked do I look like a bull? I said you look like my goofy Gregory.


January 18
Snow fell and plans got canceled. We stayed inside all morning in our pajamas.


January 19
Back to school after a four day weekend


January 20
Both boys crack me up with their goofy style of jumps. No not ordinary dives here they are always doing creative (weird) jumps. This one Gregory called the strong man. Look at his mussel.


January 21
Smiley woke us all up early. I mean in the 5 o'clock hour. He was the only one enjoying it and he is the only one that gets to nap during the day.


This week turns out to be a lot of Gregory pictures next week I will try something different but it is a picture a day from my life and I am so glad to have him in it. I am linking up with Sonya again at Becoming a strong women of God and she is capable of taking pictures of more than just her kids, darn good pictures.


Unknown said...

Hey girl you are so sweet. I am playing with my camera and this is how they turn out. Think outside the box when taking pictures... It is so fun and to see what comes out of it is funner!! You can do it girl!! Have a blessed weekend!! hugs

Kalina said...

I have a two year old brother and he loves to wake up at 6 in the morning...and he loves to wake everyone else up to LOL :)

Natalie said...

YAY for staying in in PJS! I do it all the time for NO REASON! LOL And waking up at 5 AM seems fun too (LOL)! But that cheesy grin made it all better right! :D

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