Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 365 week 11

3 birthdays, the pinewood derby, home still under construction, 3 days of taking someone sick to the doctors, normal activities and commitments, and closing in on my due date I would say it has been a busy week.

I actually started this on Friday but life is busy and will continue to be so. Here is another extended edition of project 365 stretching to Sunday.

March 12
The boys competed in the pinewood derby. We all have been waiting for this day for some time now. We are now waiting for this day 2012 believe it or not.


March 13
I made it to 38 weeks!


March 14
My 32nd birthday! I got a wonderful gift. It is two things I have never had a double strand of pearls, and ones this large. I think they are lovely. And have all ready wore them multiple time. They will be a wardrobe staple.


March 15
My sweet niece turned 5! I can't believe she is that old but she is probably saying the same thing about me.


March 16
I got everything ready to go. The boys are packed and so am I. Just waiting.


March 17
Another birthday. This one belonging to my sister in law Patty.


March 18
What a warm wonderful day we took to the woods to celebrate.


March 19
It was the supermoon. The closest the moon has been to the Earth in 18 years. I could not tell that it was bigger but it sure was brighter.


March 20
Closing in quickly I am now at 39 weeks! I can't wait to have this baby or should I say basketball.



nomo wino daph said...

OH MY GOSH....the countdown......
look at that last belly shot!!! love it:)

Congrats on your pearls, happy belated bday!!
Wear those babies everyday-
Thats where my flip flops & pearls came from.
I was saving mine for something "special" and then realized, everyday I am walking this earth is SPECIAL! So, I wear them with everything, even my flip flops!

Unknown said...

Oh wow baby is almost here. You look so adorbale!! I never just have a belly I am belly all over hahah!! I your pic were great this week. I love it your stepping out!! Big hugs girl

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

You are so cute!! I can't believe the baby is almost here!! I know you are beyond ready! :)

And i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pearls!! Somebody did a GOOD job! :)

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