Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wrapping up Wednesday

Yesterday I let you in to see our home remodel project what an exciting mess it is. Contractors coming in and out from early in the morning on. Well little did I know when I wrote that in the afternoon that was the easy part of the day. Yes really.

Another big March event is the AWANAS pine wood derby. Last year was our first year racing and my oldest son did fantastic! He took first place over the night. We were so happy for him. If you would like to relive that story you can find it here it was so memorable for all of us.


This year we have two clubbers so two cars to enter, two cars to make. The boxes have been sitting atop the large fridge since January. Out of reach for my boys to loose the parts out of the boxes and out of sight for my husband not to think about. But not completely forgotten. The boys have been reminding him every week he needs to build the cars and it always got pushed off to later. Well later is today the time trials! The cars need to be done for tonight!. Yesterday while the kids were at school he and I raced around town sanding the cars at a friends and buying accessories at the craft store.

He was not able to do them until he got home from work last night. But into the early hours he painted and played with their cars. They are not tuned and adjusted yet but they are able to be raced in the trials tonight. Then we have 10 days to make the modifications. I will let you know how they come out in 9 days.


The boys van got a flat on the way home yesterday. They were supposed to be home just after 3 so we can dart off to occupational therapy for my middle son. Well as 4 o'clock approached and they were not home yet I got nervous. I called the van driver to which she informed me about the flat and they were still at school. Wow poor kids. I called and canceled the therapist and waited for my big guys. It was half an hour later before they arrived home starving.

Running late and off our schedule the boys did not eat a real meal but quickly munched on snacks while they watched a little tv and then went over verses before we darted out the door to swim lessons. I figured I would feed them well after wards and a snack would be okay for the time being. Big mommy mistake. I wont do that again. We can be late to swimming or not go at all. Eating properly is much more important. The boys got tired and had a hard time keeping up in swimming. Gregory in fact broke down in tears in the middle of the pool. The instructor had to swim out and get him. After that he was done for the night. We hit the shower and headed home to dinner and bed time.

Welcome to today. A super busy construction halted day. They woke up excited to see the car started. Jay did not finish last night but will before he leaves today.
The boys got off to school fine and once they were gone baby and I took off. We wanted to hit a few store to pick up some birthday items and stop by my ob appointment.


I am now into my 36 week. It feels like it should be later but 36 it is. I am doing fine baby is doing. We are both growing large putting on a lot of weight. I keep getting asked that question every pregnant women just (enter sarcastic font) LOVES hearing "Your still pregnant?" or the other like versions "You haven't had that baby yet? When are you going to pop?" Grin and bear it is how I take it. They don't mean to be rude they just are surprised at my size and feel they have been staring at my pregnant belly forever. I understand friends.

After that we made it to Moes. Yum. Had a delicious lunch I could not even finish. I think it was because of my belly being full of baby. Jay thinks it was because I went through the drive through at Sonic before I went to Moes. Either way welcome to the 170 pound group. Yes its true.

The kids got home close to on time today. We made it to speech therapy. We made it home for a good dinner and we were set for the highlight of the day. The pinewood derby time trials.


Beyond excited the boys got ready to race. Each of them had a chance to run a few times and get weighed in. Neither car did exceptionally well but both were under weight. Now known are the modifications that need to made and there Dad will get the cars ready. There were a lot of fast cars this year. Competition will be tough. But in good sports man-ship they are just happy to be racing. Gregory even told Evan "if I will another trophy this year you can have it since I all ready got one." Way to go Greg! It is times like that I just give them the biggest smile and hug.



Tomorrow back to work on the house. Another crazy day in our March madness. I am taking it day by day, anything more and I would be overwhelmed.


Mama Keene said...

You look fabulous! Take care!

Lisa said...

Karen, you are SO beautiful, seriously!

Remodels are tough, especially with kids but it will be worth it in the end!!

I can't wait for your sweet for your sweet baby girl to be here!

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