Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Monday

Thankfully an uneventful weekend. We got some rain from Irene but that was it. A nice soaking rain that watered the plants and grass. And afterwards we were left with a beautifully cool day and nice breeze. Let hurricanes like that come through more often.

Today is the big kids second week of school. Things are getting back to normal. We are getting used to our school year routine sorta many things have not started back up yet. So really it is a nice transition.

With the big boys gone the house is substantially quieter. I still don't have a lot of time to get things done with the babies being at home. Someone is always wanting to be held, feed or in need of a change.

It is impossible to hold them all the time. Things still need taken care of and no one but other moms realize how much that is. Faith, princess Faith, of course is still completely dependent on us for everything and loves/needs to be held all the time. But sometimes I have to put her down. I bring her with me in the kitchen and place her tiny self in the high chair.

At first she is okay with it. If you coo at her and give her toys or food.


Then when she quickly has had enough of toys her frustration sets in. I want to be held! Pick me up!


And with a little fussing I cave in.


I miss her brothers being home they would help. Although they are to young to hold her and pick her up they would come by and tickle her or anything to make her laugh. It was nice.

I am not the only one who misses the big boys.


He waits for them and is so happy when they get back home. Oh does he love them and so much want to be just like them. Sweet smiley in one of each of there shoes. You are so much like them.

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michelle said...

My Lily never, EVER wanted me to put her down, so I pretty much just strapped her to me, where she cleaned, worked, made dinner, and did all the other stuff the Bjorn people told me not to do with her. :) But I had a happy kid that way AND two actual free hands!!

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