Monday, August 15, 2011

Tyson's Grilled Chicken Strips


A few weeks ago in my oddly obsive coupon collecting and clipping I cut out one for Tyson's grilled and ready chicken breast strips. Stuff like this I normally don't buy. It is usually expensive. I buy chicken breast in bulk all the time so it is no harder to grill it when I need it and it is cheaper. But I cut it because you never know. Sure enough I went to the grocery store to get the makings for a ceaser salad and there in the bagged salad section were these chicken strips. They weren't frozen, like I thought they would be. They were on sale too, buy one get one free. They are normally just under $5 a bag!!!! But with the coupon and the bogo sale it made each bad I got around $1.50. Which is still a lot for how little it is. These bags contain 8 ounces of chicken. At worst I never pay $5 for half a pound of chicken breast. Usually on sale I get chicken breast around $2 a pound.

I took it home opened the package to make into a chicken ceasar salad. Upon opening it I was disappointed and confused. The chicken breast was a little slimey and seasoned. Not spoiled slimy just preservatives, I hope. And the seasoning was not much but it was not the flavor I wanted and it did not say this on the package. However I still put it on my salad. The chicken wasn't great but it wasn't bad. Not right for a ceasar salad. I still have another bag I through in the freezer I think I will try it with quesadillas.

But for my overall on this product... thumbs down. It is expensive, small, and has a slight different flavor. But easy yes.

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Karen said...

Every now and then I'll get a ready to eat meat product like this. And, my feelings are usually mixed too. Easy? Yes. Slightly disappointing? Yeah, that too. Hopefully you'll like the ones you froze better in quesadillas.

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