Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ready for another movie review? Well anyways here it is. Yes I know we have been watching A LOT of movies lately and that really is not us but with school starting this week we have been spending more time at home winding down and relaxing and trying not to go, go ,go. Movies at night are a perfect way to do that.


This time we watched Unknown. Well this movie was unknown to me I had never heard of it Jay saw it on the ipad of someone sitting next to him on a plane. So he got to watch it silently and was interested enough to get it for us. If he wanted to watch it that much I would be happy to check it out.

It was a fast action secret agent movie. It stared Liam Neeson, who is best know around our house for his appearance on Sesame Street.

He fit in this movie and did a good job but it seems like a Matt Damon movie. And he would have been more fun to watch. Maybe I would not have fell asleep then. Yes I did, it could not keep me awake. It just is the same secret agent got involved in something he shouldn't and now they are out to eliminate him before he tells. And surprise yes he never dies. He escapes with a beautiful young woman and now they/she will have a good life.

There were lots of explosions, car chases, bad guys with guns, planes and of course set internationally in the middle of a big city. There were a few surprises and twists.

Overall I would not watch it again. It was fine for the first time, okay but not great.

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