Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Today wraps up our first week of school and it was only there second day back. I don't really understand starting on a Thursday but they were so excited what ever day it started couldn't come early enough.


They returned back to Montessori school this year and hopefully every year after. Montessori does the grades differently and this year both of them are in lower elementary. It is Gregory's 2nd year in it and Evan's first. Lower elementary consist of grades 1-3. All grades are in the same class which is limited to less than 10 kids per teacher and each class has 2 teacher. Luckily there school has 2 lower elementary classes so they do NOT have to be in the same class. That would have been a challenge for the teachers, distracting to everyone and to competitive for them. When they are older they will be together but now they need separation.


They were waiting for the van from 7am. Not to mention it was thundering, pouring rain or the fact the van does not come till a quarter after 8.

But it did come and the house was quiter. They were gone a lot through the summer but somehow this is different. It is not gone for a week it is gone for another school year. We all missed them and they missed there....sister.

I thought I would get so much done but no. I paced around for a while, pushed the kids on the swing set and eventually made red beans and rice.


And before you knew it they were back home. Yea!!! They had a great time and were so happy to see there teachers and friends. Evan joyfully today upon coming home told me his favorite thing today was he made a lot of friends. What great words to hear especially since they stay in the same class with the same teachers for 3 years.

So here is to another school year and my two studious boys. Let it be great!

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