Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's go noodling

Do you know what noodling is? It has become a common word around our house. But until 3 weeks ago I had no idea what it was either.

So what is it?

Noodling is the dumbest way to fish I have ever seen. You stick your arm it to a muddy water hole where you can't see what you are doing and hope a large catfish bites it. You pull it out presumably with a catfish on it.


Not my photo I got it off bing images. I am not dumb enough to do this.

So why has it become a common word around our home? Well Animal Planet has a new show called Hillbilly Handfishing and it is just about noodling. I watched it one night with my boys and was amazed. It was about a family in the south that runs a noodling adventure company for tourist. They take mostly city slickers who would never be exposed to this weirdness and take them for a week of noodling. For as dumb as I think the Southerners are for doing this to begin with ironically it is mostly New Yorkers and other big city residents that are they ones on these adventures. The southerners seem to be the smart ones in this case not doing it and a few even smarter ones making a good deal of money letting the city slickers do it.

I started teasing my scared children with the threat of noodling.
me: "look if you don't stop this I will take you noodling!!!!"
boy: "nooooo, no, no: (In a scared voice quivering because they have the fear I might)

But gotta love on demand it is on there and my kids started watching it over and over. And they lost there fear. (plus realizing noodling is completely mine. There is NO WAY, NOPE, NEVER you would get me noodling) So now my empty threats go a bit differently.
me: "Am I gonna have to take you noodling?!"
boy: "bring it on mom"


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