Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Yes another movie review. Yes another Liam Neeson movie. This one was better. It is an older movie from 2008 but it was new to us. It is an action packed testosterone fast paced movie. Basically it is about a divorced dad who was once a CIA agent now retired and not really doing to much. But he has a teenage daughter who he reluctantly let go to Paris to follow U2 on a concert tour. {SPOILER} Once she arrives there she is taken and thrown into the sex slave world. But she calls him as this is happening and he goes after the kidnappers with a vengeance until he retrieves her, basically unharmed.

As I said in my last Liam Neeson review he is just old. In this movies he takes on tons of in shape younger body guards. Some scenes 7 at a time. So it is very unbelievable you can't even pretend. My husband was calling him kick ass grandpa, which pretty much sums it up. He did successfully always win against however many.

However my husband who is also OLD said if it were Faith he would come after them whoever and where ever too. So chasing after your daughter to protect her has no age restraint. Awe thanks honey, but remember I am younger and faster I will get to her to just a bit quicker. But l pray nothing like that will ever happen. No one is getting my daughter she sleeps with me every night.

Again it is the same movie you have seen before but apparently most movies are. It was okay though. I like it better than Unknown and I stayed awake. I guess worth the watch but never with children or teens.

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