Friday, October 14, 2011

Brown Bagging It

This is when I go from coolest mom to the mean mom, the embarrassing mom, the I will teach you a lesson my son mom.  How many times has my son forgot his lunch box?  This year it has been at least once a month.  He forgets it on the van, he leaves the empty one at school.  He has nothing else to carry BUT his lunch box and sometimes I guess that is to much to remember.

He forgot to bring home his 2nd lunch box of the year.  The first got destroyed after only one months use due to a lunch box fight with his brother.  Ahh boys.  I would not buy him a new one, again mean mom made him use last years.  So when he forgot his lunch box at school I did not pack him the next days lunch in one of the many extras we have sitting on our shelf (remember family of 6 we have TONS of lunch boxes) instead I made him brown paper bag it.  Heck if he can't remember to bring home 1 lunch box; I am really betting against the odds he could remember to bring home 2.

And this was no ordinary brown paper bag lunch sack it was the I hope this helps you to remember STOP leaving your lunch box at school  brown paper bag.

I drew hearts, I underlined his name in pink, I wrote I love you on the out side, and one of his brothers stuffed the inside with hearted I love you notes.

"Oh no you did't!!"

Oh yes I did.  He laughed.  He was embarrassed to take it in.  But he did.  And through the new lunch in the forgotten lunch box as soon as he got to school so no friends would see his brown paper bag, only to be followed by hiding the evidence.

Maybe this will teach you not to forget your lunch box any more.


b. lee said...

too cute!! way to go mom :D

michelle said...

That's awesome and ridiculously cool of you! I'm taking notes. :)

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