Friday, April 6, 2012

Poor Evan

2 weeks ago he got hit in the thumb at baseball, the right thumb.  He was up at bat and that ball got him good.  My poor baby cried and was done for the night.  I can't blame him.  We had nothing there to put on it either.  Practices are high up in the mountains not even close to home.

His finger immediately turned colors and swollen up 3 times in size.  There was no doubt it was hurt bad but was it broken?  I had to drive by a hospital to get home it crossed my mind to just take him in.  But with a finger that swollen I did not think much could be done anyways.

We continued home I gave him ice and Tylenol.  It did not look good.  He went to bed and I thought we would reevaluate it in the morning.  When he woke it was still so discolored and looked bad.  Since it was morning we could go to the doctors rather than the hospital.

His dad took him in as soon as possible.  The doctor said wow but could not tell if it was broke or not.  He needed x-rays to do so but said really it makes no difference.  The treatment and healing would be the same.  There is just not much that can be done with that part of the thumb.  So he poked a hole in his fingernail to relieve the pressure.  I am so glad his dad took him, I could not handle that.  Then wrapped it in a plastic cast.

March 23, 2012

I felt horrible for him but he said the poking a hole in it did not hurt.  You never want to see your babies hurt.

He was up and running around in no time.  He even went back and played baseball 4 days later.  No hitting or catching just a lot of running.  But as the week went on so did his involvement in the game.  My little guys even got a home run a few days later.  By default, the players kept missing the ball as he just kept running the bases. He was doing better, his finger still looked bad but it should for a while.  We mostly kept wrapping it.

Then as the boys were practicing baseball in the back yard and I was inside spring cleaning I heard a great yell.  The again and it kept up.  Yes he re injured his thumb.  It got hit or bumped or something but it got hurt again.  I ran to that poor little boy running in circles screaming.  His finger was gross.  The color was bad and it was hanging funny.  Ugh.  Oh and of course it was not wrapped today.

He was able to straighten it out but the huge size of the knuckle and the whole finger was the size of mine.  It looked bad.  Worse than it was.


Luckily we were home and ice and Tylenol were immediately applied.  I questioned whether or not to take him to the hospital again.  But the doctors words stuck in my head what could they really do but give him pain medicine and wrap it.  Same thing I could do here.  But I left it up to Evan and he just wanted to rest.


I have no doubt it is broke.  I have watched it never look right for the weeks and now with another smash and the discolor and shape I am certain.  We will see how tomorrow goes.  If it is worse I will take him in.  At the least I will make sure it is wrapped.

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michelle said...

Poor guy. :( There's nothing worse than having your babies hurt...except maybe having a doctor poke a hole in your finger nail. ;) OUCH!!

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