Friday, May 4, 2012

Another one for Pinterest

Many people have a collection of pins on Pinterest, I do too.  But not to many people actually do anything about those pins.  Of course many of my pins are BIG dreams like the two beautiful ones I pinned this morning.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Isn't this just beautiful!  I would love a kitchen like this but with a bigger island to fit 5 chairs.

Or this boathouse?  If the boathouse looks like this can you imagine the real house?  I would be more than happy to just live there.

Now if pins like these ever will come about for me I don't know.  Sure hope so though.  But I also pin many useful things.  Like things I can make.

When it snows to much next winter.

You find these types of entertainment systems at yard sales all the time.

But back what do I actually do.  I have done many pins.  Yes really.  They are in my boards.  Most the stuff I have done has been Easter, Valentines, birthday or Halloween ones.  You can always check them out here on my boards.

I have done another great one.  A sorta great one to help you remember to take your medicine.  If you can remember to check it off.  Sounds easy but can be harder than you think.

I have been on a slew of medicine this past 2 weeks so I thought of this idea form pinterest.

And have been able to do it!


It was kinda hard on the small bottle but I still managed.  I will have to get two stickers to put on my new baby to do this for her bottle feedings and diaper changes.


Karen said...

Karen, I have to let you know that your blog performed a public service (to me) today! I knew I had seen the pin of the kid's kitchen out of an entertainment center on Pinterest. And, I thought I had pinned it on my boards. But, when I checked today, I didn't have it. Then, I remembered that you had mentioned that very pin (and included a picture!) on this blog post. Perfect! I saw a free entertainment center listed on Craigslist & I'm debating if I want to give this project a try & then sell it. Now I can look at it more carefully to see if it's truly doable. Thanks!

michelle said...

That entertainment center turned kitchen set idea is awesome!!

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