Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dentist woes

I hate going to the dentist.  Don't we all.  I rarely ever go.  I mean I put YEARS between my visits.  My last was 2009?  It was only because of an emergency.  I think it was before then actually.  My tooth broke.  I was eating a grilled cheese and my tooth broke.  So you know it was bad because the grilled cheese was not hard.  It just turned out to be my most expensive grilled cheese ;)  I did not have dental insurance and I went to our church and told them what happened.  Then they paid for EVERYTHING!  My bill was none and my tooth was fixed.  But it hurt so bad.  I was crying and miserable after they fixed it.  The last time I had experienced pain so bad, the worse pain I had ever had, topping the 4 births of my kids, was when I had my wisdom teeth extracted.  OUCH!!!!  SO many times over.  Never felt pain like that before and luckily since.

Bravely I went in for a cleaning a few weeks ago.  Knowing preventives maintenance is best but hoping they don't find anything wrong.  The good news is they said my teeth are beautiful.  The dentist and hygentist  were surprised how well they were considering it has been so long since a visit.  I was hopeful.  Hopefully wrong.  They found decay.  It is on the tooth next to the one I had rebuilt.  The crown wore it wrong, or did something, or this tooth was damaged because of it.  Basically if I did not have that stupid broken tooth I would not be in this spot for having another one fixed.  They are not sure how deep or extensive the damage is because they can not do an xray.    But they said something needs to be done right away.  Dreadfully approaching is Friday, my next appointment.  They are going in to "fix" it.  ugh.  I am dreading it.  I will pray hard about it.  I will also ask for all you prayers of peace and pain free for me, I am truly scared of getting dental work done.


Braver and better than me are my 3 boys.  They have all also had check ups in the last month.  And guess what...


No CAVITIES!  No nothing, they are doing good.  I am so happy for them, for me, for there teeth.  The dentist can be good, when he has good news.


michelle said...

Dental stuff really IS the worst! Sorry I'm so late reading this, but I'm glad your dental appointment wound up going a-ok. :)

Unknown said...

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