Sunday, May 13, 2012

Diaper Wreath

For our new little girl some friends decided to surprise me with a sweet wreath.  You have seen diaper cakes, now diaper trikes but have you seen diaper wreaths?


It is a bunch of diapers wrapped around wire I imagine?  I don't really now I can't bring myself to open it.  Little patriotic clothes folded and tied to the diapers with red white and blue ribbon.  A big bow attached and glittery stars all around.  The best still itty bitty tiny patriotic sandals.

When they made this for me they new the baby was going to be  July baby.  But it was when we still did not know if it baby was a boy or girl.  It is good she turned out to be a girl because they had faith and got girl clothes!

I love it.  It looks so good and is something too cute I will have to replicate.


michelle said...

Somebody made me a diaper wreath too (first I'd ever seen!), and it was pretty cool, but I gotta admit that yours is waaay cooler! I plan to replicate too. :)

Michelle Paige said...

I've never seen a diaper wreath look so patriotic and so cool. Would you be willing to link up this idea to my Red, White, Blue & You Holiday Link Party? I'd love to have your idea! Thanks, Michelle

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