Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let the Countdown Begin

This past week another great milestone was I hit 30 weeks pregnant.  YAY!  I can start counting down now.  Counting down is so much better the end is nearing, the end is still the end of July.  I am going to be miserable in July and probably grumpy in June.  I have so so much packed into the rest of May it will fly in a blink.  Good and bad because every second that happily passes quickly till I have a new baby is another second gone of my other babies lives.  I do so much wish time would stop and I could have more of it with my precious children, even if that meat pausing pregnancy.

For now lets focus on 30 weeks!


The whole pregnancy has gone pretty quick.  I am feeling well.  Good days, bad days, today a sunburn day.  I am busy as ever and baby is okay with it.  I have heartburn all the time.  A soda with me always, it helps.  But has also helped me put on a lot of weight.  I am at 167 pounds, OVER what I delivered at last time and still 10 weeks to go.  Good thing my gym has babysitting.


Many things are harder.  I can barley lift my little 25 pound princess.  The babies do not fit on my lap.  I am generally uncomfortable and am very tired of climbing swing sets and bleachers to retrieve kids.  I don't have any specific craving but I am hungry all the time.  Baby moves constantly, I love it and it reassuring.  Evan thinks its funny and often touches my belly.  Smiley and Faith have no idea that a baby is coming.  They are to young to understand so I don't even try.  The older boys are excited by more focused on themselves and what they have going on.  However they do get disappointed that I do not take the on bike rides anymore.  I will try my best to fit one in this week.  Last time I did was at t he beginning of the month and I drove in the car with the windows down behind them.  Does that even count?

I have bought almost nothing for this child.  I have a lot of baby items all ready and should look at what I need clothes wise since Faith was born in March and this one will be in July.  But having done this 4 other times I no how truly little you do need.  I bought 1 pack of diapers.  Ha!  I know I will be making a trip to Sam's club soon.  And I would love a side by side pink jogging stroller.

Doctors appointments are every two weeks but I always call and cancel.  I find an excuse and push them three weeks apart.  Baby is doing good heartbeat stays in the 140's and I have other things to do.  If something were amiss I would call them.

Overall and thanks to God it is good.  Let's keep counting down.

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michelle said...

Happy 30 (now 30.5!) weeks! You look fabulous!!

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