Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little Girl Sliding

Faithy is a hoot when it comes to sliding.  Also a heart attack for me.  She and her brother were playing in our fenced backyard so I ran out front to throw away the garbage .  As I walked back in the house and into the kitchen I looked out the window just a few seconds from being absent from them and I screamed.  She was ON TOP of the swing set!!!  How did that little princess manage this one, maybe help from Smiley?  Either way I had to get her. And my camera.

That little love climbed up the slide.



I had seen her climb up a few feet before but never make it to the top.  There is usally a belly slide half way.  But why I was not there she made it to the top.  Such determination for such fun sliding.  She loves to slide.


And make faces while doing it.  Oh how I love you Faith.



She climbs up and then zooms down.  If the boys want to go they don't wait for her just pick her up, put her on there lap and they both plus more zoom down to kiddie pile at the end.  She is a tough little girl.  She has to be with 3 big brothers.  But sweet as sugar.

2 comments: said...

Just makes me laugh...such a cutie..

michelle said...

What a precious girl!
And I'm pretty sure she's already a better climber than Lily. :)

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