Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mothers Day

It was nice.  It was a pretty normal day to be honest.  I would have liked to have something different than normal.  I would have like to have a fancy day where we all dressed our best went to a nice restaurant by my standards (the kids think if it does not have a drive through it is fancy).  Linens, fresh flowers, china, soft colors, music and and great view.  Something we don't normal do, can you imagine why?  That is why it is something I would have liked, it is not the same old thing.  But I have young kids and they need to be babes.  So he headed to the park to play and bar b que.

It was a great day weather wise.  So nice.  And I had all my littles with me they were happy to celebrate mother's day.  That made it it fun.


They had worked on some projects at school and made sweet cards for me.  Evan made me a scarf which I tied in my hair that day to make sure I wore it.   He even made me breakfast of toaster french toast sticks :)



My second mother's day with all four.  Next time I will have another little girl to add to the photos.

They played on the playground for a long time.  I spent more time than I would like chasing them around it and pulling Faith down from places she should not have climbed to.


That was another reason I wanted something differnt.  I am always pulling her off stuff and it is getting harder and harder.  I wanted a break for a day from that but no.  But she had so much fun and of course made her many faces while sliding.




over and over and over


This one and her faces!  She is so animated, so funny, makes us all smile.


The boys played on the playground too but they had fun in the creek  most of all.



And for Jay he cooked some kabobs.  At least I did not have to cook.


It was a nice day.  I love spending time with the children.  They are so wonderful and are the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day.



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michelle said...

I love that Evan made you a scarf and toaster french toast sticks. :) You've got SUCH a precious family.

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