Saturday, May 5, 2012

Surviving Saturday

It said possible thunderstorms in the forecast but no it was a beautiful day.  Warm and with a nice breeze.  A day where nothing was canceled and we had more commitments than time.  From town to town from state to state  we ran to events.  With a few yard sales in between, and I got some great deals.

They boys had there baseball pictures today.




It was so hard to keep them clean.  In fact I couldn't that is why they are kneeling on a specific grass covered knee.  They had a late game last night.  It ran from 7:30 till after 10.  Which did not put us home till 11 only to be up and on the go early to an 8:30 soccer game.  Yes I am whining but it only happens once this season.  Having such a late game that is.  With such little turn around time I knew I was not going to have time to wash 2 loads of laundry last night so i did not let the boys wear their white pants to the night game.  I kept them clean and stain free in our house.  I washed their blues that night so they would be ready for the morning.  On our way quickly to the baseball ceremony which fell between the soccer games we stopped for one second.  One quick second and in that second they jumped in the grass and stained up their pants.  Ahh!!!  I had worked so hard to have them clean and looking nice.  Only to make it worse the team played in red dirt while they were waiting to have their picture took.  We were all to tired to really argue.


But for all the stress the look sharp and the pictures came out nice.

Back to get setting we headed to the later soccer game.


Greg played well.  We are not doing baseball next year but I will look into more opportunities to bring out his talent in soccer.  The kid has something special there.  Although it was another little one who had the crowds attention.


She has been practicing her walking for sometime now and gets better each day.  She walks a few steps but then falls.  Crawls to where she wants to go and the walks from there till she falls again.  She was doing so good today.  Walking around on the grass.  She would take her few steps fall and then get back up and try again.  She made all of us on the sidelines lap for her.  We were all happy too.


What a proud little one.  Every week the other parents say they thought she would have had it by now.  But before they can even finish their sentence a brother comes by and sweeps her up.  Why walk when you have a house full of people ready to carry you anywhere.  However I think this week it might be true.  I bet by next week she will be walking.

Another insane week lies ahead of us 3 baseball games, 2 soccer games and 2 soccer practices, church, school, appointments, house (a lot is going on there), and most importantly on Thursday is the boys race for education.  Last years was awesome I can't wait to see how far they go this year.

For some Praise my dental appointment went well.  My tooth is fixed and I had minimal pain.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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michelle said...

I'm exhausted just READING about your week. :) Glad your mouth is doing better, and yaaaay Faith for those little steps!!

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