Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week the children have been doing things everyday for there teachers.  They made cards, brought in fruit, brought in flowers, and then the teachers had a few extra breakfast and lunches from the parents.   The boys have such wonderful teachers they certainly deserve everything and more.  Where many teacher complain about salieries, bennifits and are always threating strinke ours are not.  I wish we could give them more!  I hope they are making a nice living because they are making a difference.

When the boys and I were driving we came across an eltronic billboard with an advertisement for their school.  We pulled up just as it was over so it flashed to soon for us to read it but we saw it long enough to see the name, crest, and that there were words and a big picture.  My 8 year old asked "Mom what did it say?  I bet I know.  Bring us your kids we love them!"  Oh my, my heart melts.  Isn't that awesome?!!  My children feel so LOVED by their teachers, head of school, and school itself that they would just assume that is what a billboard is telling everyone.  It makes the decision to send them there ever more so reinforced.  That is what I want the kids to feel.  What parent wouldn't want your kids to be that happy at school, to be loved at school,  the place they spend the largest amount of time each day.

The day they brought in the flowers a bud had fell off.  I pined it to Gregory because I thought it made him look so cute and dapper.


He is certainly a heart breaker, although he has no interest in girls yet.   After a few minutes he said mom can I take this off?  No, my son you just are to cute leave it on for a little.  Then I left for work so he proceed to ask his dad.  Dad can you take this off me?  What did mom say?  No its cute. :(  Well then no I am not taking it off what you do with it later is your own business.

I am home to get him off the bus and what do you know he still has the flower on a little worn but still pinned.  I chuckled.  I did not expect it to last all day.  I took it off him and asked if the girls thought he was cute.  Yes mom Alexis did, he bashfully answered.  I chuckled again.

I too received a special gift this week.  A sweet photo, poem and thank you note.  It was special and I really appreciate it.



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michelle said...

I love how Gregory left that flower on all day! And I love the gift that Chris gave you too. :)

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