Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Cute Not To Share

Two disclaimers before we get started.

  • There are A LOT of pictures.  Cute cuddly babies and kittens pictures.  So dear it will make you want one.  If it is a baby you want I can not help but if it is a kitten I have two of the spotted ones left and they can be all yours!

  •  No kitties were truly hurt in the taking of these pictures.  Scared probably but they are all fine.

Sunday early morning I was woke up at 4 am to very loud meowing.  Very quick help me somethings wrong meowing.  I walked over to the stairs and Wyatt was just going off meowing.  I looked down 1 more stair and there was a kitten.  Oh no what was wrong?  I thought the kitten must have fell out of the play pen and possibly getting hurt and she brought it up to me to take care of.  I picked up the little one loved it and then returned it to the playpen to stay safe and sound.  Still groggy I went back to bed.  Six the alarm goes off and I was glad to be awoke by it and not a meowing cat.  I went to the basement to go check on the kittens, make sure that little one was still doing good.  Upon opening the door I heard all these meows and the stairs were full of cats.  The kittens had all got out of the playpen and were climbing the stairs.  Ahhh!!!

They have just turned 1 month old.  We were keeping them in a large cardboard box until they started escaping. We got them another cardboard box with higher sides and thought that would be good but they still were escaping.  And we did not want them getting hurt falling off the sides.  At a yard sale we picked up an old  playpen for super cheap.  I thought it would be great for the kittens.  High sides lots of room, fine in the basement, something we could just through away afterwards, container for 1 more month for the kittens.  I was wrong.  It was nice that you could just open the basement door and see them since the sides were just nets.  I never expected that the kittens could climb the nets.

But yes not only could they climb the nets they can now climb the stairs!  I quickly got my son Evan, the natural pet lover.  We collected all the kittens and put them upstairs where I thought they would be contained but was wrong again.  Even though the room was baby gated at two doors the little kittens could fit through the baby gates, and did.  After collecting the kittens AGAIN we put up more and different baby gates in front of the other baby gates and that seemed to work.  But now I had 5 cats climbing around one room with my 4 kids.  Oh my.  We were chasing them through all sots of small spaces.


Good thing my kids are small.  But this was exhausting.  Plus every time we would get them off of something and hold them their razor sharp claws would latch on to our clothing.  The big boys have quite a few scratches on them.  Ugh.  What to do?  Grab a camera and start shooting.  Because even though they are a handful and a half they are so stinking cute!!!


The kids loved the kittens playing with them.


They would sit down and be covered it these little cuties.  That is until Faith climbed on the couch.


A kitty would unknowingly crawl over to her.



She would catch it. And start kissing the poor thing.



lots of love and then here mom I am done.


She would quickly discard the cat.  Or in the cats eyes it would run for its life.



Even though one would run away there were always more victims kittens for her to love.






Oh Faith....

When the kittens would no longer come to her she went to them.



Kittens are so much fun.

I am surprised she did not get hurt by their sharp claws.  I am surprised they did not even try clawing at her. She is still 13 months old and thinks they are just fun play toys.



Playful or not it was time for them to get a break from her.


Eventually the cuddled in a corner and went to sleep.  Very interrupted sleep as none of my kids would leave them truly alone.  What a crazy morning!  It was a church morning too.  That obviously went out the window.  How could I leave when there were kittens all over my home pretty uncontainable and certainly had to be supervised.

I called my husband frantic for help through this he brought me home a bunch more cardboard boxes which we lined the inside of the playpen to double the standard height of it.  He also got me a PINK cat carrier!  It is so pretty.  After this fun morning I am ready to give them away now.  It has been two days since the "kitty emergency" and all has been working out well for now.


michelle said...

Those Faith/kitty pics are PRICELESS!!!!

Grammy Goodwill said...

hahaha - Oh, does this ever bring back memories. One winter we had 13 kittens and they were all orange striped. You're right. They are so cute. There's nothing like kittens, well, maybe puppies, but I never had those.
I'm amazed that your little girl was never scratched. They are not only cute kittens - they're sweeties, too.

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