Saturday, May 26, 2012

Would You Believe


Yup umugh I did it.I had been thinking about it for a while.  I was tired of having such long hair.  Yes it is very pretty but it is very long.  With it being so long came lots of problems.  It was always it in the way.  I would lean over and could not see because my hair was there.  A MAJOR problem when changing diapers.  That would force me to pull it up and I hate having my hair pulled up.  First not only was it very heavy when I would but it caused bad headaches.  Second I have all these feeling against pulling hair up.  Occasionally sure and it can be done pretty.  But if you are pulling your long hair up all the time why have it?  I also spent to much time picking at split ends.  When I would get out of the car and when the seat belt would roll up my hair would too ouch.  The kids pull it, when I sleep it gets stuck under me, its is hot, and there is really no style it just hangs there.  I love all the braids and other great ting you can do with long hair that are so popular over the web right now but I am so bad at those.

I thought about just getting some of the length cut off.  I like everything about Kate Middleton's style.  I could have very easily done that.  I liked some other cute medium/long length hair cuts too.  They were pretty styled and at that length they could be styled.  At my long length it was hard to style because things just don't hold.  I saw a super cute short hair cut on pinterest, of course, and pinned it.  I thought I love it but would never do it.  Days went by and I thought why not?  It is  just hair.

With the weather forecast in the 90's for this weekend I said I am going to do this.  I decided I wanted to have above the brest below the shoulder length.  That would be a nice point for me.  But I figured my hair could grow to that.  For this hot pregnant summer I wanted it shorter off my shoulders.

I went and got it cut.  With the length being so long I was able to donate over 2 feet to locks of love!  I still had plenty left and now someone else will have some too.  From there she kept cutting.  She cut the ends the middle, all parts and it made it real fluffy.  The way it looked wet I like the best kinda like a long version of the hair cut I pinned.  But She dried it and curled it?  I did not like that.  Oh well curls in my hair fall out.  Not really true now.  It was short enough it held it.  So I brushed it out and it was back to fluffier than I wanted, can't win.  Either way I snapped some pictures.

So here it is my short hair!



It has not been this short in years.  I do enjoy it. I keep whipping my head around just to feel it move.  I am getting good feedback on it from family and friends.  That is nice.  I was so worried about looking older, to soccer mom, and fatter.  My husband told me when I have short hair I look heavier, maybe I should say soon to be ex for that.  But he was surprised when I got home.  I told him I was going to get it cut he just assumed a trim.  However he thinks it looks great.  In fact he has been the one with the most compliments that I do believe are sincere.

A new style was much needed.  Short and fun is perfect for summer.  Plus hair grows.  I love long and I am sure I will grow it out again.  Just not that long again.


Tanya said...

I love your new haircut! A change is always good. :)

Moments and Impressions said...

Love your hair cut! It looks os great.

Right now mine is getting really long - but I am waiting until after I have baby #2 to cut it off. Soaking up this pregnancy thickness while it lasts.

michelle said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!! I decided a week or two back to cut mine off too. Been working up my nerve to do it, and now you've inspired me to do it asap. :)

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