Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wyatt's First Mothers Day

Almost 1 month ago, April 19, our cat became a mother of 4.  We weren't really thrilled.  We did not exactly want to keep the stray that kept coming around unknowingly full of kittens.  So we certainly did not want 5 cats.  But the boys did.  We kept Wyatt and when she had her kittens are plans of getting rid of them the first day diapered to become petting them and taking lots of pictures.  They are just so stinking cute, damn.

Jay was sleeping or at least trying to April 19 when he heard chirping from my closet.  I heard him yell "Karen I think I hear kittens!"  I ran up stairs in disbelief.  I had made a birthing box for Wyatt in the basement but as she normally does she was hanging out upstairs in our room.  Yes there she was in my closet with 4 tiny kittens crawling over her.  Ruined a few of my dresses too, but at least not the carpet.


We moved them all to the box.  They were so tiny.  Thankfully there were only 4.  Three spotted and one orange.  I don't know what they are, the boys say it is 3 boys and 1 girl just like our family but who really knows.  I still don't know.


They nestle so close together.  Eyes were shut.  I did not know newborn kittens could even make noise.  I know nothing about cats.  That was also why I was surprised when Jay said he heard the chirping.


We brought them all down to the basement where the children proceeded to name them.  My Evan just loves them.  He loves all animals.  They should be thankful he is here.  Although after we saw them we knew we had to take care of them plus Wyatt.

We pretty much left them alone minus the constant snapping of pictures.


We gave Wyatt extra milk and food and left it up to her.  We did not handle the kittens but would check to make sure they were all still there and living.

As you can expect they kept growing.  They seemed to be doing real well.


Still I did not do anything but change there towels and a little cleaning up.  Wyatt was doing a great job as a mother.

At 9 days they opened there eyes.  The were creepy looking completely black.  Creepy but still cute.



That is Goldie she is my husbands favorite.


Wyatt does not like us messing with her kittens.  She meows heavily anytime we are with them.  Yes that is my basement where the kittens live.  It is a dug basement very common here in PA and very yucky.  We do not use it and I never go down there, spiders and all stay there.  I have been down there more in the past  month that I have been down there the entire time we have lived in this house.

As the kittens will be 1 months old this week they have become the cutest and playful little things.



Evan is as crazy now as ever about them.  They are the first thing he runs to when he wakes up or comes home from school.  He is always down there playing with them.


At 8 week we can give them away and we plan to.


We have all ready found a home for Goldie.  But any of the others are up for the taking!


We are not keeping any but Wyatt.  You can keep as many as you would like they are so cute after all.


That one the kids named Wyatt Jr.  They say she looks just like her?


She has a gray nose that is the only way I can identify her.


The other two look alike to me.  I probably snap pictures of the same cat over and over thinking I am getting the two different ones.


It has been an unexpected experience having kittens around.    One I never had thought we would have.  In the end I am sorta glad it happened.  It has made the kids happy.  It won't ever happen again as we are getting her fixed asap!  Even good experience you don't always want to repeat.

Happy first and LAST mothers day Wyatt.  You are a good kitty mom.

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michelle said...

Kittens are the cutest! And then they grow into grouchy, lazy, don't-wanna-have-anything-to-do-with-you-except-at-breakfast-and-dinnertime cats who poop on the floor and meow incessantly and wake up your six-month-old WHO NEVER SLEEPS. I'm not bitter at all. ;)

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