Monday, July 2, 2012


For 9 years I have watched this little guy grow up.  9 Years... I can't believe it has been 9 years.  He has really grown.  He has turned into such an awesome boy.  He is the greatest.  He is the BEST most AWESOME big brother EVER!!  All his siblings adore him, as do his parents.  We love to hang out with our oldest son.  He is funny, good natured, not jealous, deserves so much more than he gets, I couldn't praise him more.  I am so glad he is mine and he still cuddles!

He had his big birthday yesterday, it was so much fun.  We took him out for lunch today to his favorite Mexican restaurant where he ate chips and salsa, and chicken tenders with fries.  We thought, and he hoped they would give him the sombero to wear but sadly the didn't.


These are a bit old, 2010.


He still enjoyed it.  I took him outside to take his picture.  Baffled he asked why mom?  I told him because you are 9 and this is what 9 year olds do.  "Oh come on Mommmmm."  He obviously is to cool for pictures with weird random objects in front of a Mexican restaurant.




HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREGORY!  Happy 9th birthday!!

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