Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When it is hot head to the water park

Sunday we had Gregory's party at the water park.  It was so much fun, it was also in the 90's, a perfect day for the park.  Gregory had been looking forward to this for the longest time for two reasons.  First we let him bring a friend, it is funny how special that was to him.  He loves having his birthday and doing special things with his family but I just never knew how excited and happy it made him to be able to share it with his friends too.  Second he was able to drive the go cart himself.


Every time we went to a place with a measure he would measure himself and cheer as he kept getting taller.  He knew, memorized what height you have to be for these go carts and it was a goal that he had all year.  52 inches, he is.  Still so tiny in those go carts.  I don't know how well he could really see.


But he zoomed around.  They stayed out of his way as you can imagine the driving skills of a 9 year old.  Mema drove either Smiley or Evan around and dad would drive the other.


I of courses could not do the go carts this year.  Faith also can't she is far to little to ride.  But she waved to everyone as they zoomed by.



And they waved back.


She was really interested in the water part.  We spent hours in the water all of us.  There are huge slides the bigger kids went down.  Little slides Smiley loved.  And Faith played so darlingly at a splash park and in the big pool.

Since we never got to play in the water with the big boys, they were just to fast all over the place, we were able to have a water balloon fight with them.  I wish we had a set up like this at our house to play parents vs. kids.


You load them, launch them and boom!  Water everywhere.




It was a long hot day.  To much for Faith.


And not that easy on me.



I have moved from counting down months, to weeks to days.  We are all pretty excited and wondering when she will come.  Glad it was not that day, real glad.

There was a handful of other things that the children did as well.  They went mini golfing, train ride, played at a park, went to a nature center.


Apparently is was great.  I missed it as I took Faithy swimming again.

All the adults and Faith were drained.  Time to go home.  The kids could have stayed hours more.  Whew.

However it is easy to convince them to go when at the house are presents,


Cake and Ice Cream,



and fireworks.  After all he is our firecracker child.

Not that there isn't another little firecracker on his heels.


Gregory said he hopes she is born on the 4th.  I do not.  I did not want her born on the 2nd or on the 4th, really even this week.  Holiday babies sound cool but it is so hard to have a party for them, especially the kids born around the 4th.  Everyone is gone and busy.  Their birthdays get lost in the holiday.  It is still very special though.  For years Gregory thought his birthday lasted 4 days of celebrating and concluded with fireworks that were just for him.


But when she is ready she will come.  Until then Faith has a chair!  And most of her mommy's attention and is the sweetest baby to us all.  I think she will just love having a little sister.  She is our next birthday, our surprise party.

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michelle said...

What a fun day and such wonderful photos!
And you look fabulous!!!!!

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