Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can't Sleep

I am having one of those nights, I have often lately, where I can't sleep.  My mind is racing I am terribly uncomfortable but mostly Faith is keeping me awake.  She is asleep but I am not.  It is almost 4 am my time, blah.  She is sick, sorta.  She tonight as well as for the last four nights has been coughing hard and loud all night long.  It keeps me up.  She coughs some during the day but not like at night.  She has been warm but no fever.  She has been extra grumpy but probably because she is tired, I wish I was.

I took her in to the doctors today.  Her and all her brothers.  Whew.  I hate dragging all the kids to any appointment.

camera phone

I have been at the doctors for hours this week.  I had an appointment to check on baby, no progress, no new news, not any closer.  I did not schedule an induction yet.  Just another appointment for next week.  But I was at this appointment for 2 hours.  Not being seen, all of it waiting but 15 mitutes.

Then earlier at Faith's appointment with my crew, during nap time for the little ones, we all waited in the tiny room with only 2 chairs for an hour before the doctor came in.  Just guess how hard that was.

The good news she is fine she has a... cold.  Yup I drug them all in and waited over an hour for a cold.  But you never know.  If I would not have took her and it continued or got worse I might be in a position where I could not take her so better safe than sorry.  And the good news is the doctor said it is contagious so look forward to this fun a few more times.  Yippee!  Oh yeah and he said I should not give her kisses till she better.  Sure when I am or her brother ever not kissing on her?

But she does not act sick most of the time.  We got the new baby a jumpy horse this week.  Really I should say Mom you got the new baby a jumpy horse, Thanks! It is so cute.  I am sure there will be many pictures of her in the future in it.  It is big though, and just sitting neighing at the children wanting to be played with.  Faith can't resist.  I put her in it for what I thought would be a moment but she loved it.

camera phone

Faith is sadly too big.  But by her expression I think the baby will enjoy it.

Speaking of the girls while not sleeping look what I saw on tosty tonight.



I thought they were great.

faith 2. A gift from God.  YUP!!
grace 1. A divine gift from God  YAY!!

Both have such sweet and great definitions.

Well my little girl is quite now so I better go check on her and tr to get back to sleep.  Goodnight, maybe.

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michelle said...

Hope you managed to get some sleep - poor thing! And I hope that Faith's feeling lots better and that you make some serious gestational progress this week. :)

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