Friday, July 27, 2012

What do the kids think?

The questions that come with a new baby can sometimes make me laugh.  They are crazy, too personal, silly, insulting, you name people ask it.  But the one I get the most is what do the BOYS think of the new baby? ironically I am usally asked this with Faith in my arms too.

But what about the kids?  Adding a new family member is a BIG change to us all.  She is not someone who I am baby sitting for a few hours, she is not a present for just mom and dad, she is forever their sister and here to stay.

Each of my kids handel a new sibling differnt.  They each react to it with their own unique personality.  Gregory is the worlds best big brother.  He has never been anything but.  He is helpful, loving and will to sacrifice for for the new one.  He should be praised and rewared much more than he is.  Sadly out of need for help and frustration he is demanded on more than praised.  I will make it a priorety everyday to tell him how wonderful he is and how much of a great helper he is.

He is the best big brother.


All his siblings look up to him.  What he does they want to do.  He sets the example and they follow.  I left him alone to play on the computer this moring and he made an awesome picture of him and his sister I just love!


Sure I have to work with him on spelling but I think he has photo editing down and he certainly has love. 


Smiley loves his new sister.  He is always saying Grace this or Grace that.  He likes to look after her.  But if you ask him do you love your sister he smiles so big jumps yes and then points to Faith.


He follows in Gregory's lead but Gregory is never to far behind making sure everything is okay.

Evan well Evan is more into animals than people.  He has shown some interest in her.  He thinks she is cute, he occasionally gives her kisses, I bet he is happy to have her but I have not yet seen a connection between them. And no that is not a concern, it will come with time.  He was happy to go out with just mommy alone the other day.  We got to spend some time together and that is what he likes, needs.


Faith she is to little.  I do not know what she thinks.  She pets her a lot.  But we are so careful with the two of them because she also like to climb and sit on her.


She like to bring her bottles but then forcefully shoves them in her mouth.


She tries to love on her but is not sure what to do and I believe what she is.  She treats her a lot llike our cat.


Faith is jealous but not in a bad way.  She just copies Grace in hopes for our attention.  But she has it.  We are still over the moon enamored by our little princess.  Look at the size difference can you believe they are a few days shy of 16 months apart.  Wow you grow so much in a year.

Things otherwise...


Smiley's attitude is improving back to the little  big boy we all love.

Gregory made his sister and me a sweet card when we were in the hospital.


It says:

To mom huse clifton (we will have to talk to his dad about that one.  Why does he have to differentiate which mom???)
Hi mom its greg
grace is very cute
and tell her I said
hi right back (responding to a text I sent him)

In the boat is the 3 of us.

It was nice having jay home for a week but now he is back at work.  Today is the first day I am home alone.  It is fine and we are doing well.  Although I would like a shower but that will have to wait until tonight.

We made it to 3 doctors appointments this week.  The 3 are doing fine and the other two are as well but we did not need pediatricians or therapist to tell us so.

It is again hot and humid in PA so we have retreated inside.  We could all use a break outside to a cool place with water.  A vacation would be nice.

I am still plugging away at school and the boys are counting down the weeks till they can return to school.

We are all doing well.  A little tired a little adjusting a lot of laundry but all is well.

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michelle said...

Your family is wonderful, and Gregory's a sweetheart, and you're a freakin' SUPERHERO!!!!!

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