Monday, July 9, 2012


Gregory got rollerblades for his birthday.  He had wanted them for a while.  He is a skating maniac.  He has been to the roller rink a handful of times and you can never get the boy off the floor.  He asks for skates every time, for over a year.  He also asked to try inline ones.  He always called it straight four.

And for his birthday his grandmother, Mrs. Ginny, as he calls her, got him skates!  He was surprised because it had actually been a little bit since he had asked for them.  And he was so very happy.  Of course the next question was when can we go?

The skating rink has a family night where it is only $2 to skate.  You can't beat that so we went.

Gregory did awesome!  He got the hang of it in a lap or two.  Then he was off almost never to be seen again.


Evan tried the inline skates too.  It was also his first time and he took a good bit longer to figure it out.  But he did.  Then he too was skating around.


I obviously was not going to be skating .  But I wanted to go and see the boys.  I did not want to manage the babies there.  I had prepared myself to be thoroughly frustrated by them screaming in the stroller and leaving quickly.  Dad meet us there so he could stay and skate with the big kids and it would all work out.  But actually the babies did better than I expected.  They played video games.


Smiley played in a bouncy house, Faith waved at her brothers and dad as they went by.  They lasted for an hour and half.


Then as we were going to leave a down pour hit.  It was raining so hard.  I had the kids in the stroller and sighed at the thought of loading them up into the Suburban and then the stroller in the pouring rain only to head to the grocery store soaking wet.  But the place is owned by a great guy  who saw my hesitation and took pity on us.  He said why don't you take them out for a spin until it stops.  And that is just what dad did.


They loved it!  They were giggles, smiles, and waves.  They got to go skating too.  It made me smile also.  When your kids are happy it sure lights up your life too.

I can't wait to get out there with the family.  Soon enough.  The big kids are growing up but they are growing up and doing cool things everyone likes.

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michelle said...

Glad the little ones got to skate too! Your kids always have so much fun!!

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