Wednesday, July 25, 2012

little Baby GRACE

We are in love love love!!  Our super sweet baby girl is here.  Not quite when I expected but are babies ever?  I guess at least it was not the middle of the night.  Due to all the events for the children and a difficult school week for me I was hoping to have her the 22nd.  So Thursday morning when I went into the doctors office for another check I was not expecting to be sent straight to the hospital.

The doctor said your baby is getting big.  I am afraid if we wait we will have to have a c-section.  I have had none so far and did not want to start now.  I was sitting there weighing the options have a baby today and screw up everyone's plans or wait.  Have the baby today and be able to move again, sleep again, be comfortable or wait till a better day.  In the end having the baby obviously won.  I was ready to be done being pregnant.  Plus my swelling had come back.  I had gained 4 pounds in that last week most of which was (hopefully) fluids. So there I was anxious, happy and on my way to the hospital, after I stopped at the conviently places Sonic right between the hospital and ob/gyn.  Yumm strawberry slushy.


Alone and waiting.  I was by myself for 7 hours in labor.  I was induced so I spent much of it watching 4 weddings and auction kings both on marathons, both the best choices.  There was nothing on and I was stuck there hooked up like a charging battery.  However if I would have know there horror of the breaking news, the batman shooting in Aurora that would take over ever tv channel later that night and for the next day I would not complain about watching a wedding.

Jay was not able to make it because of the other four kids he had to find places for them.  Unfortunately we had to split them up.  He was able to drop the babies off with a neighbor and my parents were coming for the older two.  Nothing was ready for them so he did the best he could packing. (insert head shaking, I will continue doing it from now on) They all got off and he was able to come over.

In time to have the baby too.  I was still in labor for another 3 hours once he got there.  My longest labor ever.  She did not want this day for her birthday either.

With the last half hour details being omitted out she came vaginally.  A beautiful 8.14 pound 22 inch baby girl!  Yes a big baby but not big like I thought they expecting.  Not that I would have wanted any bigger.



She was so perfect so beautiful.  She is the best thing!


Healthy. Wonderful.


We named her Grace.  I think naming a baby is hard.  The boys had a few ideas of what to name her.  Some of the leftover names they liked when Faith was born.  Evan comes up with real nice names.  But I had some ideas I had really wanted.  I wrote down a handful on a list and Grace was unanimously the one the whole family wanted.  I was not sure at first.  Not that I do not love the name but I did not want to repeat the G.  However now when we look at her and kiss her we could never imagine a better name.  I love her name Grace.



Daddy thinks she is perfect.  He is smitten.  She came into the world and he was all over her.  I love seeing him light up like that.



He did not stay at the hospital to much with us.  He left the first night to go back and take care of some issues with the babies.  It left me to try to figure out how to sleep with my new little girl.


Her sister Faith stayed in bed with me for over a year.  I loved that but was not sure I wanted to do it again. I certaintly did not want to do it that night.  I was exhausted, had lots of medicine in me, and was very worried about the baby falling out because of how small the bed was.


In the end none of that mattered she would only sleep on her mama.  It just was not a very sound sleep on my part.  She still has not moved to solo sleeping.  She can sleep in a baby chair during the day but at night she will only sleep on me.



Ready to go we left late the next night.  I missed all the kids so much.  It was to late to get any of them back that night.  The babies were all ready asleep.  The next day everyone came home.  The big kids even headed back up from there grandparents anxious to meet their new sister.



Maybe they missed there mom too?

They love their sister especially Gregory.  He is always the best big brother.  He cares so much for all his siblings and is always there in her face when she is making noise.



We are all so very much in love.  She fits our family perfect.  She is truly our gift from God and we are so thankful.

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michelle said...

What a sweet, precious, beautiful, PERFECT girl!
At nine months old, Miles still sleeps right on top of me every night. :)
And I love that you stopped by Sonic on the way to the hospital! Me? I stopped by Wendy's. :)
Congratulations! So happy for you!!!!!

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