Saturday, September 29, 2012

A new fishtank

Sometimes good things do comes to those who wait.  On Monday I saw a fishtank for sale that I wanted to get for my son but I could not afford it.  Both my big boys love fish tanks.  They both but especially my oldest loves fish shows.  We watch tanked and fish tank kings over and over.

This particular glow in the dark tank that supports glow in the dark fish we saw a few Saturdays ago when we had to replace Evan's recently departed fish from a fall fair.  Since then the other two boys goldfish have died as well.

It has rained hard yesterday and today leaving us unable to spend a family picnic night at the park like I had planned.  Today is also payday.  So I went back to that add thinking I would just see if it is still available, hoping it was.  And yes!  it was!!  The add had a price on it but also said make an offer.  I contacted the seller and made and made an offer of $40.  She said yes!

It worked out wonderful.  It glows and is just perfect for their room.


It is not the best picture.  It does not capture it glowing.  But inside there are 2 glow fish and 1 beta.  They made it through the night and hopefully for a while.

1 comment:

michelle said...

Cool tank! I just got rid of a tank (not a neat glowy one, though!) last week. Now I'm down to only one. Thank God. :)

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