Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nine Queens Nueve Reinas

This year I am taking a lot of Spanish.  Not just for the semester but  for the year.  It is also not just attendeding a class and learning a few vocabulary words, it is so much more, so many more hours.  But it is not bad and I am learning a lot.

My children have a field trip to Belize this year, yeah be jelous they get the most AWESOME feild trips, and if we were going I can now say hello to and good buy to most the people there and ask them where do you park your car?  Just Kidding.  I would be fine to order drinks too.  But we are not going to Belize this March.  With so many babies they would not let my children back into school after traveling international flights with them and I love the school.  So I will wait till they go to Egypt.

The other night we watched a late movie I did not return home till midnight and that was after starting Spanish at 5, like I said long hours and a lot of commitment.  It was an Argentine movie.  Honestly I was not looking forward to it.  I was tired and thought it would be about as much fun as a low budget indy film.  But I went like my grade depended on it, and it does.  I am glad I did the film was great.


It was called Nine Queens or Nueve Reinas.  It was in Spanish.  You do need more than a Dora level comprehension to understand it.  But luckily for me there were subtitles.  Although I could pick out a few words without reading.

it is a movie about con artist that is not what you think.  It had such a twist I did not see it coming.  It made the movie.  A lot like the Usual Suspects if you have seen that one.  And the quality was fine same as Hollywood but it is not a special effects movie.  So if you can find it I fully suggest it.


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michelle said...

I took lots of espanol in college and high school. Loved it! But now Lily probably knows more than I do from watching Dora. :)
Belize?! Wow.

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