Friday, September 7, 2012

the necklace

Before she was born I bought a tiny necklace.  It had small charms and looked very dainty.  I bought it for myself because it said Faith and had a little cross.  I was so very much looking forward to having a girl and I love her name.  I was excited about the necklace.

I brought it home and it did not fit, too small.  I should have known by the size of the charms but I never put it together.  So I put it away.  I figured I would just give it to the baby in my belly someday.

She and I were playing in my room looking at the pretty jewelry and there was this necklace I had forgot about.  I took it out and put it on my little girl.  A little nervous because I though she would pull it off.  It was a little big so she can fidget with it more than I like but she liked it an just looked so pretty.

She has worn it for days.  Playing in it, bathing in it, and she has not broke it.




1 comment:

michelle said...

Such a sweet necklace...and perfect timing too. Love that last photo!!

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