Monday, October 29, 2012

Schools Out

Yesterday before it even started raining schools started closing one by one all of the schools and colleges around us started closing.  In all the counties the schools are closed for two days.  A nice unexpected 4 day weekend for most kids and people.  However for me it is an 8 day weekend, yea baby!  And you know why because I got this weeks homework finished and turned in BEFORE they canceled school.  Because you know if you have work to do and it is not done there will be no snow day, or in this care hurricane day.

No the real reason I have had such a long break is because of Halloween.  Every year I explain that here in PA we do not celebrate Halloween the 31st but the Thursday before Halloween.  In the case Halloween falls on a Thursday they still will celebrate it the week before.  It is the attempt to keep the children and the drunks off the road at the same time.

And lucky for us we got Halloween out of the way and done with before all this rain hit because many other surrounding areas have had to cancel Halloween.  The boys picked out there costumes for Halloween.


Ugh I miss the days I could dress them.  I wanted Gregory to be Wheres Waldo, he is really into that lately   He is so tall and skinny it would have been cute.  But he wanted to be the scream.  You might know this scream costume from the movie scream but he does not.  I assure you he has never seen a horror film he hates being scared.  He thinks this scream is from Edvard Munch's painting The Scream.


 Again I love my kids school.  He is probably the only one around here that would relate the costume to art not macabre horror.  But he still had fun making the blood run down the mask after all he is a 9 year old little boy.

Evan wanted to be a Ninja.  Smiley wanted to be a monkey. And Faithy was a cute flower.


My little girly Grace well she was a pumpkin.  I went through a couple costume ideas but as the day was upon us we went with pumpkin.



We meet up with our normal trick or treating crew to go out again this year.

Most of the kids have got to old to trick or treat or have themselves photographed in the group shot with the little kids.  But as others grow up I have more babies that come in.


Only 2 of these are not my kids the Hulk and the black Ninja.

They had so much fun.  Faith did not know what to think.  She just put all the candy people were giving here wrappers and all in her mouth right away.  By the end of the night she figured it out and trick or treated like a pro.  She would toddle up the stick out her bucket and get a bunch of candy.  Her and Smiley were just so cute they worked the neighborhood while people were giving candy to Faith he would go and empty the bucket.  And they were so cute they got away with it ever time!


Aw my sweet, spooky, SUGAR HIGH boys.  It was a hard night once we got home.



But they loved it, they love Halloween.  I love seeing the kids dressed up.  And I love this year it was not cold.  It was really warm as a matter of fact, a beautiful night.  And I loved we got to go.  We got it in before the storm.


We are supposed to be without power for a couple of days so I will let you all know how we fared the storm when I can.  But here is to hopping we don't lose it.  I am not exactly fond of the idea of being stuck inside with 7 people with no power, no will, no light, no tv, no heat, no escape.  We might live in Amish country but I don't want to live like one.

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michelle said...

Love the pictures, love your kids' costumes, and love your Thursday-before-Halloween trick-or-treat tradition!!!

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