Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Decorating Delima

Decorating for holidays this year has been, well... almost non existent.  I should have been better about but I have not done much for any of them.  For Christmas I kept it very low key in only one spot of our house, mostly because the babies were eating, breaking, and throwing anything we put out.  Thanksgiving nothing, Halloween is now to far back for me to remember (sad isn't it), Valentines day well we did do a little.  I never shared it because this past week our family was hit hard and I mean HARD by a nasty virus.  It kept me home from school  I even called off to an online class because I could not get mine or my daughters head out of a bucket long enough to login.  Jay stayed home from work 2 days Both boys got sent home from school throwing up.  They made it 1 day last week, Friday.  It was bad.  I was lysoling everything.  The tiny team watching me spray stuff got a hold of the can and sprayed the baby!!!  But you know she was the only one not to get sick.  Uncomfortable and cranky yes but violently sick, no.  Maybe they are on to something.

 photo IMG_9083_zpsad899d18.jpg

It was bad.  Our whole town had it.  Or at least all m friends with kids locally on facebook, same thing.  But thankfully it is over!!

Back to Valentines.  The night before I took the children to a Valentines party at church we all had a great time.  Gregory asked mom what are we doing for Valentines this year.  I was surprised it came from him it is usually Evan who is the one most excited about holidays.  I explained to him in apology it wont be much this year son I have school and dad has work plus you have school but there you will have so much fun.  It was late as all our Wednesdays are and I sent the kids to bed.  I was serious it was not going to be a big over the top Valentines like we often have.  But of course I did not want them to not feel the love of the day.  They went to be and I started baking.

 photo IMG_9012_zpsb3a74d29.jpg

I made red velvet cheesecake for their dad plus a yummy warm breakfast in the morning   I told him I was not getting him any present this year not because I did not love him but he knows how crazy and sick we had been here.  Still no  excuse I know.  But I certainly did not want him to feel unloved either.  So don't you think I was surprised when he came home with dozens of roses for me.

 photo IMG_9020_zps342501d2.jpg

And a cake under the kids suggestion.  They suggest it because they wanted it and they ate it, most of it anyways.

But I also pulled the kids in to.  Before they went to bed I had each of them tell me why they love their dad..

 photo IMG_9016_zps7b6b2778.jpg

Okay so I filled in Gracies.  Every time I tried to get Faith to say something she would just stand there shacking her head like yes I love him.  She is so sweet.

I laid out chocolate hearts and candy for each of them plus dad and except Grace she got puff and yogurt bites.

 photo IMG_9009_zps6c82bfc7.jpg

 photo IMG_9008_zpscf3f98ae.jpg

Evan had spent the week making cards for everyone the were great.  I made one for him from his cat so he would get one too.  They woke up to a table full of treats.  It sure made them happy.  The were yelling and smiling and said mom the Valentines fairy? came?  Wait mom you do Valentines or is there a fairy?  :) No its me kids.  And then the kids went off to school and had a great day.

But now that Valentines is over we hit birthday season.  My middle sons is first.  In less than a week trust me has been in count down mood for a while.  After him the just keep coming every couple days in March is another birthday.  Really. we have the 4, 6, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22 by the time March is over we are sick of cake.  Often I decorate for birthdays but this year Easter is also in March the 31st.

If I decorate for Easter when do I do it?  after the 23?  or now?  I don't even know what we are doing for Easter yet.  I am hoping we are at the White House!  I find out Friday so keep your fingers crossed for us.  I know the kids want to do something special for it.  With as little as I have done this year I hope to make Easter very special, as it deserves to be.  Today I did put up an egg wreath on our door and it could not have made Evan happier.  At the end of the day I will pin more than I will do but I will start doing now and maybe by Easter it will be good.  We will see.

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michelle said...

Such a sweet Valentine's Day. :) I'm sorry you guys had such a terrible stomach bug last week. Us too! It was awful...awful, I say! Lily's never (ever!) been so sick. And the only one who avoided getting it was Miles, and I didn't even have to Lysol him. ;)

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