Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feeding Grace

When you have 5 kids people feel free to express their unwanted opinions.  I have heard it all, and trust me 99% of the time it is not kind.  The most common one ...

1) Don't you know how that happens?
                                    I hate this and it is usually from older people so I can't say something I truly feel                        back.  But it is probably just their way of breaking the ice, I try to keep that in mind.  However the 1% that say something nice will say instead we had 5, 6 , 7, 10 and they were the best and fastest years of my life, THANK YOU.

2) You aren't planning on having anymore are you?
                                   Humm, why yes and I plan to repopulate the planet with a superior race sorry about your luck.

3)Are you trying to be like the Duggars? (A large conservative Christian family with 19 children)
                                    By that do you mean family and bible based?  Or the fact they rely on NO government funding and provide for their large family and support them off their own income?  Or that they are able to take this large family and travel all around the world exposing their children to many different cultures including ones that are far from their own.  No we are not trying to replicate their size.  I am so happy with 5 and feel it is the best fit for us.  But as far as their beliefs I have very much been wanting to attended an ATI conference and just have not been able to build up the funds to do so.  Not to mention my daughter gets terrible car sick and that trip would...suck.

I am not the only one who faces these comments.  My husband fends them off too.  I love his answer to this one, although I should be mad but it was all made in good humor, especially if you knew him.

A lady who came to his work: Aren't you the guy with the 5 kids?

Him: Yes, always looking for someone to have the 6th...

Lady: Oh No, aught ah honey you have too much baggage.  That is not for Miss. ######, I'm staying away from you.

me: HAHAHA yeah try to find that greener grass! 5 kids!  And we live in an alimony state!! The epitome of the definition it is cheaper to keep her.

But the most common one I hear is...

4)Wow you got your hands full.
                                   This is not always in a bad context but is often meant as you must be overwhelmed.

But truthfully no.  I have no problem with 5 kids.  It is what I know, they are great, they can be challenging, but the love that is present overseas all struggles.

Children mimic their parents and if you do it right it can make your life so much easier   And don't we all know that is what moms truly want.  Teach them well and its like a vacation. (not really, but it can be a good laugh)

The tiny team decided to feed Grace this afternoon.

 photo IMG_9029_zps29a7e68f.jpg

 photo IMG_9028_zps182488b5.jpg

 photo IMG_9027-1_zpsfd1a054b.jpg

 photo IMG_9026_zps91c85590.jpg

She is not hurt or cut.  Her sister decided to do both of their make up again.

 photo IMG_9024_zpsdb1a9b7e.jpg

 photo IMG_9022_zpsb7ab9068.jpg

They are awesome little mamas.

 photo IMG_9030_zps71823adc.jpg

 photo IMG_9034_zpse6d24723.jpg

 photo IMG_9033_zpsd32239fa.jpg

This video makes me laugh.  Smiley is her biggest admirer and the language he use s with her is too cute.  They are the best of friends and brother and sister.

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michelle said...

Yep, some people reeeally need to learn how to keep their mouths closed and opinions to themselves, for sure! And Smiley is the sweetest. :)

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