Friday, February 15, 2013

My second PRINCESS

She is every bit as much a princess as her big sister.  She loves her big sister, even if she is scared of her sometimes.  She mimic her and especially me.  She makes the same goofy faces I make at her right back.  She is so cute and such a darling.

We all love her but Evan does not really pay much attention to the girls.  The are just there to him.  When Faith was little he made her a heart sigh for her crib, that came out of nowhere.  That is sorta the same thing that happened here.  He made Gracie a Princess crown out of nowhere, just because.

Maybe he thinks about them more than I give him credit for.  We had fun having her wear it..

 photo IMG_8958_zps06952da0.jpg

 photo IMG_8965_zps29172f6b.jpg

He even snapped the pictures of us to show it off.  I love them all so much, my princesses and my sweet wonderful boy.

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michelle said...

Such precious girls and a sweet Evan!!

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