Tuesday, February 12, 2013

happy Fastnacht Day 2013!

A year I have been waiting to celebrate this glorious day.  And it is finally upon us again   It Fastnacht Day in Pennsylvania and anywhere else you celebrate it.  I enjoyed it thoroughly last year being pregnant.  They tasted better than ever.  They are still great this year but when you are eating for two they have double the goodness.

For those of you who don't know or don't remember Fastnacht Day, is a fatty doughnut treat served traditionally on Fastnacht Day (Shrove Tuesday), the day before Lent starts. Fasnachts were made as a way to empty the pantry of lard, sugar, fat, and butter, which were traditionally fasted from during Lent.
BaselSwitzerland conducts an annual fasnacht festival. The Pennsylvania Dutch territory surrounding Lancaster, Pennsylvania, celebrates the custom as well. Most chain supermarkets in the eastern Pennsylvania offer fasnachts.
In parts of Maryland, the treats are called Kinklings, and are only sold in bakeries on Shrove Tuesday. The German version is made from a yeast dough, deep fried, and coated or dusted in sugar or cinnamon sugar; they may be plain or filled with fruit jam. Pennsylvania Dutch fasnachts can often be potato doughnuts, and may be uncoated, powdered with table sugar, or dusted with confectioner's sugar.

 photo fd1_zps5f6e4e76.jpg

Welcome Fat Tuesday!  These are not your normal doughnuts because they have so many more times the fat, which = oh so much more delicious.  My favorite are the glazed.

 photo fd3_zps0aed0aab.jpg

No more left here.

I had bought 2 dozen fastnachts on Monday, yes you would think over kill but as it turns out...Nope!  The 7 of us devoured them.

Yes all of us even Gracie.  She LOVED her first Fastnacht Day.

 photo IMG_8989_zps671bbd3f.jpg

 photo IMG_8988_zps54ddbce6.jpg

Faithy she was all about stealing them.

 photo IMG_8982_zps3e683b1a.jpg

Ahh you caught me!

 photo IMG_8983_zpsed3d98e2.jpg

So you caught me with two.

 photo IMG_8984_zps459a18ed.jpg

Sure I am not supposed to be eating them in here.

 photo IMG_8985_zpse16fd12e.jpg

But MOM!

 photo IMG_8986_zps0fd0687c.jpg

I am hooked I tell you, I can't stop.

 photo IMG_8987_zps962d62d0.jpg

Shall we talk about all of your hang ups now?

 photo fd2_zps34f4f0c6.jpg

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michelle said...

I remember reading your Fastnacht Day post last year and wondering how the heck I'd gone my whole life without celebrating (or even hearing about!) such a perfectly yummy day...and then I remembered I live in Arkansas. ;)

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