Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What to wear?

I mentioned before that I am helping plan a wedding.  Planning a wedding is fun when you are not paying for it.  I look online and in magazines and say oh awe wouldn't this be pretty?  And if she likes it she pays the bill for it.  During the holidays we kinda took a break from it they are busy enough.  Who would ever plan to get married then.  I can't imagine adding that stress into that season.  Right now we are planning a September wedding.  Its been interesting.  Her ideas are far from mine but that's okay it will still be fabulous.

She called me up the other day saying "I got hair appointments for us the morning of at 9 AM do you know what what you want?  The hair dresser would like us to send her pictures so she has an idea."

Do I have an idea?  No.  I have not even thought about it.  The only thing I have thought about is I don't want to be pregnant for her wedding, and I am staying on task for that goal.  Although it does not matter anyways.  They are having the ceremony and reception at a church so there can be no alcohol.

But as far as my hair I have no idea.  I don't even know what dress I will be wearing.  I don't even know what weight I will be at?

After I had Grace 6 months ago I lost the normal 20 pregnancy pounds just from having her but that left me with still a good amount to lose.  But since I was so involved in school I never made it to the gym so I never lost that weight.  Then I was put on a bad birth control that should have had no side effect but had quite a few and my weight kept climbing back up.  I regained all the lost weight.

In December I went off that birth control and thought the pounds would fall off but they didn't.  They went up still for two more weeks.  Then they stopped.  I was not losing anything even though my apatite went down some and I started paying careful attention to what I ate, but at least I was not gaining anything.  Being sick for these two week yes that helped.  I was able to knock off a pound a week.  Coughing like a serious smoker must work out those abs.

I need to lose weight.  A lot of weight to get back close to little old me.  Although I do not expect to be my former tiny sizes I expect to be under the double digit dress size.  Plus the more weight you lose the more energy you have and Lord knows I could use a little extra pep.

I browsed a little through beautiful dresses I would love to wear thinking of the wedding but none fit her wedding.  When you buy a wedding dress and you are not the bride there are a few key points to keep in mind...
                     1. Dress for the wedding style.  Is it evening, formal, destination, garden, church?  What ever it may be you need to dress comfortable and appropriate to that setting.
                     2. Dress for your budget.  You do not need to spend a fortune on this dress.  A simple dress can go a long way if it is a garden or afternoon wedding.  The basic black cocktail dress can be very inexpensive too and goes a long way.  it looks great for formal and evening weddings.  You can even recycle it to a date night!
                      3. White is not a NO.  You can wear white too.  Your dress in no way will resemble the bride and if you want to wear white it can be a nice neutral color.  Particularly nice and acceptable for beach weddings.
                     4. Don't upstage the bride.  It is her day after all.

She is having a country wedding.  Country and a bit camo.  Yes I know.  This is not at all what she had been saying the past year and a half leading up to deciding to get married again.  She wanted to get married in her church and have a formal catered reception.  It sounded great and it was all she talked about.  Then we started wedding planning and she changed her mind.  She wanted to go for an outdoor barn yard feel.  WHAT?  That could not be more opposite   But as she explained herself I understood.  It sounded great.  SO we started planning an informal fall country wedding.  The ideas we were coming up with were so beautiful  mine more Martha Stewart hers more Real Tree (that is a camo, hunting outdoorsey sorta company if you did not know) but it was all working out to be a magical evening.  And then her husband, the groom chimed in.  When did they ever start getting a say?  I missed this.  But he did not want it to be country redneck and wanted it to be a the church.  Okay so his idea is great but that means scrap all the old plans and start new.

New sorta.  It is still going to be in September so still going to be fall country but indoors.  I can now wear heels as before it would have had to be boots.  Which brings us back around to the topic what am I going to wear for her wedding?

I found this cute site.  I really like it.  It has such cute casual dresses that average around .....$50!!  Yes!  It is called Modern Vintage Boutique and I found a bunch of contenders I think will be great.  I shared them with the bride but she was not as enthusiastic.  How should I take that?  Anyways  this is what I am thinking.  First ignore the model.  She is so pretty don't think oh that dress looks great on her but will this dress look great on me?  My favorite options are...

 photo dress1_zpsf400873a.jpg

This lose fitting country dress.  I would not have to be at my optimal weight loss goal and I could wear it with boots, that I already have.

I like this baby blue dress but it is a lot like my Easter dress and I don't really need two of the same.

 photo dress2_zps38475239.jpg

Well a lot a like by color and some lace.  My Easter dress is lace and tole and a Lauren Conrad dress.

 photo kdress1_zps2a559982.jpg

There was another GREAT dress that was a serious contender but they no longer have already.  This is just looking over the last two days.  So no of these are decisive.  But if I can find my dress I will figure out my hair and I will be losing weight to fit in the dress.  The ball has to start rolling somewhere.

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michelle said...

Interesting comments you got. :) All three dresses are beautiful, but I especially love the first two! And you look gorgeous, no matter your weight, and I gotta agree that Winter 2013...the winter of snot and vomit and viruses galore...has at least been good for weight loss. But that's it. :)

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