Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Glory to God!  Our savior is born what a reason to celebrate and what celebrating we did.  Without forgetting the reason for the day we enjoy it too.  The children have a book by Colton Burpee who meet Jesus and talks about how Jesus REALLY loves the children.  He explains it is such an inconceivable love you can't match it.  I believe that but I certainly think there are times we come close.  I think one of those times is celebrating Christmas through the eyes of a child.

So much pomp and circumstance leading up to the day.  This year it was less than normal because of the snow but it did not damper our spirits.  The kids have been over the moon not the best behaved but not worse than excited kids at Christmas.  Everything has been leading up to this day, and it was finally here.

Christmas morning!!

 photo IMG_5102_zps9ebcad86.jpg

All through the night I heard Gregory checking on Santa every couple of hours.  Then as it towards the morning I would hear Smiley and Evan.  They would each let out squeals of delight I knew it would not be long before they were trying to wake us up.  I think they all might have lasted till 6 something?

Ugh my early risers, morning kids, only on this morning, Easter too.  Still dad and I were happy to take them downstairs and start the festivities.

The kids happily tore through the presents.

 photo IMG_5113_zps77d01d3c.jpg

 photo IMG_5105_zps23adac49.jpg

 photo IMG_5115_zps3fda46cd.jpg

They were so happy with most of their gifts.  Gregory said to me mom there is a lot of flat ones.  I gave them books and quiz games, which they did not want.  I gave them some coloring books too they did not care to much about either and chalk which was useless since we do not have a paved driveway but hey it was on sale.

 photo IMG_5114_zpsfbcf028e.jpg

However nothing can compare to NEW IPODS!!!

 photo IMG_5130_zps23873dac.jpg

Oh heavens the boys were so happy.  Gregory knew he was getting one but Evan was only hopeful.

 photo IMG_5134_zpse3d5864f.jpg

And his dreams and wishes...came true!

 photo IMG_5143_zps3e60eef8.jpg

His own ipod.  Oh he is still over the moon.  Gregory is just so happy to for him because now they can play together.  And that they have, constantly.  I keep trying to get these kids off these things but they are hooked.  And to complement their ipods they got way to much i stuff.  ihome, new cases, more itumes cards, they are ispoiled.  But it is awesome.  They ARE thankful and they ARE awesome kids who are good kids and sweet, helpful, intelligent and kind hearted boys. Nothing feels better than to give them their wishes.  Evan keeps saying this was the best Christmas ever, and I keep telling him you deserve it sweetie.  Such an awesome child.

I gave Jay some motorcycle gloves he wanted for Christmas.

 photo IMG_5123_zpsb202c3d4.jpg

Once he got them he no longer wanted them.  He took them out of the package laid them down and that is where they stay.  Oh well.  I hope he returns them and will get himself something he likes.

As for me I was in heaven with the kids.

 photo IMG_5118_zps74b93110.jpg

They are my presents each and every day.  I love being a mom  There really is no greater gift.  But Jay did get me a few items for my camera because I have been known to take a picture or two.

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