Saturday, December 14, 2013

So much snow

Not by feet, although today we are supposed to get a doozy, but by time it seems as if we are always heading into another snow burden/storm.  It has stopped us from doing a lot of outside winter activities.  Events are canceled each weekend due to the weather.  Last weekend was a bad storm it shut down the highways and most side roads a  huge deadly pile up on the interstate.  Luckily we were not out in it.

I did try to take the kids to church as the snow just began falling with no sucess.  I got them all dressed in cute Christmas attire.

 photo IMG_4847_zps19fd713a.jpg

I love when they are clean, cute, and matching.

I even through on my holiday sweater.

 photo IMG_4896_zps8059a355.jpg

We piled in the truck and started our way.  But we did not get far.  Going up the first hill the truck started slideing, there was no way I was going to make it down that hill or up the next and down again, and that hill  is a steeper hill.  The kids were yelling were going off the cliff and that's exactly what I did.  The cliff was nothing more than very much sloping corn fields.  I pulled off into the fields because although I was sliding on the roads I was fine in the field.  I pulled in enough to turn around and start back down.  Once back to the main road we slid a little but made it home fine.  Later that day we heard how another car slide down that big hill and caused a wreck.  So glad it was not us and we turned around.

Once home the boys decided to have church at the house.  Gregory played some carols on the keyboard, then both boys led a bible study.

 photo IMG_4885_zps7253e4c7.jpg

Followed by a game of tick tac toe because that is how all the best services end.

All afternoon plans canceled.  I took a couple pics of the kids.

 photo IMG_4840_zpsa62992d6.jpg

My upside down Smiley.

Awe my sweet princess.  I am glad she is getting over the making faces in photo stage.

 photo IMG_20131208_115050_zpsb2d35db4.jpg

 photo IMG_20131208_115129_zps2f0606b5.jpg

Maybe not, gross!  Ugh

My so sweet and precious Grace.

 photo IMG_20131208_120036_zps6f345eac.jpg

And Evan he loves to cuddle.

 photo IMG_20131208_115819_zpsd868fa13.jpg

 photo IMG_4899_zpsef49651c.jpg

Really there was nothing to do but selfies.

 photo IMG_20131208_120113_zps227117fc.jpg

Except play in the snow and I was not into that.

 photo IMG_4908-Copy_zps8297cb9a.jpg

 photo IMG_4902_zps31d4b068.jpg

Even though it is a blue coat its Faith.

 photo IMG_4901_zps058a265b.jpg

There is a better smile!

As you can imagine that never last long.  And our stove becomes a drying spot in the winter.  It works great.

 photo IMG_4915-Copy_zpsb8d067d9.jpg

But why the boys froze, me and the little girls stayed warm trying for another picture.

 photo IMG_4849_zps24aadfdf.jpg

 photo IMG_4869_zps14a656bc.jpg

 photo IMG_4875_zpsa56291ee.jpg

There was nothing more to the oranges than they were hungry and I told them if they would just smile they could have an orange, cuties actually.

 photo IMG_4878_zps1c45e0de.jpg

I gave up still trying for some great holiday pictures this but we still have 10 days to try!!!  wow.

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