Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh our Christmas forset

We have 4 trees this year.  Yup four and honestly I am surprised it is not more.  Four very different tress.  Let me introduce you to them.

Family Tree

This is our live tree, the beautiful concolor fir we cut and put up.

 photo IMG_4937_zps4099b4f5.jpg

This is a beautiful tree that does not smell as much as I expected but I could not imagine not having a live tree in our home.  It has red, white and green warm LED lights on it.    Strung with red beads and adorned with red bows.  Simple, sweet and beautiful.

For years we have basically done this.  Get a tree and decorate it in a color theme with ornaments that we move up the tree, the closer it gets to Christmas.  But they are always so beautiful.  We do it this way for many reasons.

Snowman Tree
I saw this idea on pinterest because I am in no way that creative and I just love it!

 photo IMG_4822_zps84fc291a.jpg

I think he turned out great!  He might make a yearly appearance.  Although I have so many other ideas that I want to do with that white tree.  I had always wanted one and now I have one but I went with adorably fantastic snowman this year because of my young family.  It was the perfect choice they love it too.

Family Ornament Tree
Since I was born my mom and aunt have collected yearly ornaments for me and my kids too.  She always decorated our family tree with them growing up.  Each year one by one we would put our special memories on the tree, like a hallmark movie.  She gave me most of them a few years back and I almost never take them out.  Sometimes I might have used a few in decorating but for the most part they stayed in the box.  This year we got another tree.  I put it up and thought okay lets put out all those family ornaments on this rather spacey and bare tree.  We decorated it in colored LED lights, the disco lights from years past.  And the kids started decorating it.

 photo IMG_4921_zpsac1661b8.jpg

They put up years of memories.  Of mine and and they looked for the ornaments with their names too.

 photo IMG_20131214_131510_zps769d716e.jpg

Some of the ornaments are old and not replaceable, which is why I never put them out.  I know my crew to well.

 photo IMG_4928_zps1f5e280c.jpg

And they did not disappoint me.

 photo IMG_4930_zps6c1f7643.jpg

Within hours ornaments started being pulled off and played with and broke.  Some I can fix some are gone forever.  Only to be followed in the next few days...

 photo IMG_4960_zps09d88ee5.jpg

Oh yeah they pulled the whole thing down.  Luckily it fell on a carpet and a just a few broke that time.

For a few minutes it looked like this..

 photo IMG_4929_zps7f3f18eb.jpg

 photo IMG_4925_zpsa5b64eb1.jpg

UGH.  I don't know if I will try this again next year or wait till they are older.  Much older.

It is fun having a forest in the house we need no night lights because it glows so much.

 photo IMG_20131215_194746_zps4afd1dcf.jpg

And the 4th tree is in my sons room but I never got a picture of that.

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